Approaching weather...

Florida- did u say u were in Ft Myers
area? Have you ever had to evac due
to weather before? Was think of you.


  • I moved from there in April but still have a lot of stubborn family there. I flooded last week and they think they can survive a category 5 hurricane!

    I now live in Navarre, between Pensacola and Destin in the Florida panhandle. Thanks for the thoughts! I just turned on the Weather Channel and we are expected to have sunshine for the next 7 days. That doesn't happen very often. Guess the storm is going to pull all the rain from our area.
  • Latest @9am showed computer suggested tracks going up
    Atlantic side of the peninsula.
  • On the other side of the US we almost need oxygen tanks to ride. Skies are filled with pollutants again from all the fires of the western states. Brownish-Orange skies, sun, and moon.

    Stay dry over there!

    ¬ ITL
  • Face it, @IdahoTrailLizard , you need an O2 tank all the time! (me too)
  • No global warming in this country! Just ask the politicians.
  • Florida-is your family really staying put?
  • As far as I know they are. My sister has a Generac generator and hurricane shutters on a concrete block home and most of the family goes there. It had no damage from Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Wilma so they think it will withstand anything.

    I'm more concerned about my nieces with small children. One is north of Tampa and the other is south of Jacksonville. Neither have hardened shelters and are in real danger.

    Pray for all of those Floridians in mobile homes. There are millions. They might get to a shelter but probably won't have a home to go back too!
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