Factory option, water bottle seat mount.

Anyone have one or two of these installed to mount water bottle cages on the seat frame? Like them, hate them, indifferent?


  • Can you provide a link to one. I haven't seen it.
  • I thought they sold that to attach to the handle bars, versa bars, or an accessory bar. But, I guess it would attach to the seat also. That would be really convenient but, unfortunately, my hips are wider than the seat and it would actually be in my way,
  • You would put those on the back or bottom of the seat frame not the sides like your thinking of.
  • I have one mounted to the left side of my seat frame. It's adequate.
  • I am seriously considering one of these which is a water bottle cage with welded handlebar sized clamp. Place it on seat support with bottom resting on the main trike frame.

  • mrbill5 wrote: »
    I am seriously considering one of these which is a water bottle cage with welded handlebar sized clamp. Place it on seat support with bottom resting on the main trike frame.


    I've used ones like that on the back of my seat, I had to shim the hell out it but it worked decently.
  • Because my Hydro Flask is so tall, it tends to fall out the side of one of those bottle cages. Fortunately, the bottle is between my calves and I feel when it moves sideways and push it back in position. Do you guys have a solution to fix that?

    I haven't found a bottle cage I really like on the trike because of the way it sits up front. I did buy my daughter-in-law a bottle holder that is just a loop attached to a clamp. She hasn't tried it yet it looked like a good idea if you don't go over a lot of bumps.
  • It's undoubtedly too expensive for you, but this should work: http://t-cycle.com/fastback-hydration-packs-c-6/water-bottle-holders-c-6_35/adjustomatic-bottle-mount-p-239.html

    I assume you have seen & tried this: TerraTrike Angled Brackettk6svxzqytn8.png
    for Water Bottle Cage -
  • Yeah, I had one of those also. I bought the angle bracket but the type holder shown above doesn't work well for metal bottles. It's great for plastic ones.

    I think the Terra Cycle holder is the only option.
  • I decided to go old school. Water bottle cage held in place with stainless steel hose clamps on the seat stays. May not be pretty but it is very functional. Plus I just bought a NOS handlebar bag for $18 on ebay that I will hang from the rear seat frame.. just need to be creative with the hangers be it velcro or webbing and nylon hardware.
  • I went on Terra Cycle's site to place my order when I found this.
    It won't work for me but you guys might like it. You could put it on the versa bars or an accessory bar.

    Also, which is better, aluminum or steel bottle holders? My steel one just broke at the screw bracket so I'm wondering if aluminum is stronger? It is cheaper.
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    Aluminum flexes, is lighter in weight in comparison to steel. Still prone to cracking over time. Metal cages can lose their shape/grip over time and can be bent back to shape.
    There are plastic-type cages that are even lighter. Unknown if they lose their shape under load & in high heat.
    Carbon fiber water bottle cages would probably be the lightest and more rugged cages out there, at a premium price.

    Best water bottle cages I've owned are Rhode Gear thick aluminum rod with nylon mounts. Rhode Gear died out ages ago.

    If you do mount to Versa Bars note that the OEM bolts only fit thin mounts when using the spacers. Purchase longer bolts at the hardware store or bypass them spacers if needed.
    Seem to have misplaced the spacers for mine... think they are 1/2" long?

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  • I'm going to use them with the Terra Cycle two-bottle holder. My Hydro Flask bottle is a lot heavier than plastic bottles. I think I need the strongest possible.
  • Here is an old post from my blog where I fabricated a bottle mount for my Rambler GT with aluminum I bought at Lowes.
  • Just bought a Rover I8. Water bottle Is on boom. Easy to reach right in front of me.
  • deveus, do you stop to reach for the bottle? Otherwise, I don't find it easy to reach on my Rover. I have to bend so far forward to reach it, my knees would be in my chest if I were pedaling. That's why I've been looking for another solution for 3 years.
  • I have only ridden one time, today. I could reach it without stopping. Sun Cyclery in Phoenix spent a lot of time fitting my i8 to me, including adjusting the boom for a perfect fit. I saw a 11/2 liter bladder pack today at Walmart. I may go that way and hang it behind the seat possibly. I may need to add a rack? 11/2 liters would beat water bottles I think. I am so new I am looking for ideas not trying to sound like I have answers☺️☺️
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    Could get a PowerOn Cycling Rover Post, if he still makes them, and put a water bottle holder on the back side using zip ties or use a clamp. $45 is reasonable for having extra space to mount lights, camera, and other items. Still haven't stuck anything in the tube top - yet. :)


    The post helps to unload the trike as well, as long as you're pulling. Do wish there was a reinforced bracket between the plate & tube.
    Use a gasket material between the plate and the boom, I used a cereal box.

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  • The Rover post from Power on is still for sale. I just bought one. The post as a front derailleur mount is rigid enough, as an accessory holder not so much. You can put a reinforcing bracket in place by using JB Weld epoxy. Even a piece of 1/4" rod from behind the rear screw hole vertical to the tube would make a big difference.
  • I got my Terra Cycle 2 bottle mount yesterday. I just have to put it on the trike and take a ride. The rain had other plans for me yesterday.
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