• Reflective light strips came in. The reflectivity is better at a distance.
    Had taken a photo of them with all 3 colors close together, which did not come out well. About all that was seen was an orange-based area. Which means the orange reflective material was seen to be overpowering!
    Up close the orange reflective material also appeared to be the brightest.

    So will put orange on the front wheels, and make eyes for the Mirrycle mirrors in orange too. Might take strips of the white and put on the crossbars on Rover - undecided.

    Once I get some free time, perhaps Monday, will get the reflective material added and get some photos up.

    The photo above has orange in the back, when on normal vehicles orange is up front - red in the back.

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  • Saw these 24" light steps at Walmart last night. Sorry bright. They had a"try me" battery pack inside.

    What I'm wondering is of those battery packs can be recharged or they throw-away battery types? Manufacturer is Alpena.

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  • Saw these 24" light steps at Walmart last night. Reallly bright. They had a"try me" battery pack inside.

    What I'm wondering is of those battery packs can be recharged or they throw-away battery types? Manufacturer is Alpena.

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    I use Bontrager LED lights. AAA batteries last a month. Flashing in front and rear. I can see my wife almost a half mile away as she is much faster! And she can see when I am coming. we Ride for about 4 hours at a time.
  • I am torn between aa/aaa lights and the newer USB rechargeable. Tired of batteries needing to be bought and where to recycle them at. Low price for battery lights. Hmmm...
  • Am liking the new reflective tape. WAAAAAY better!
    Put one Flare on the headrest. Comparing positions on the other Flare's location still.

    Think I need a metal T-bat for up front, as the nylon one vibrates a lot. Also added a Cygolite Dart 210 USB to the left versa bar using a nob fitting for secondary/directional lighting.

    Got derailed from tonight's ride so no night-time photos yet. Have the blue LED strip underneath but need to solder some wires to extend the coverage, and still looking for a light-weight rechargeable 12V power source for the light strip.

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  • I've got some cheap re-chargeable (USB) rear red lights and have been very disappointed with the battery life. Maybe 2 hours before they start getting dimmer, and by 5 hours they are out.
  • Strobe patterns usually last longer than a steady brightness.

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  • We decided to get something that exceeded our rides to avoid having to carry chargers or ride without lights when needed. Bontragger $59.

    Day modes: 65LM flash-5.75hrs, 35LM all-day-10hrs, 25LM steady-4.5hrs
    Night modes: 65LM flash-23hrs, 5LM steady-21hrs
  • Those times were with the slowest flashing rates the thing could do
  • Never used lights on my trike last year, just carried an attachable flashlight in my seat bag. This past January, the couple that got my wife and I interested in buying trikes, were involved in an accident on a rural road in Bellevue, Michigan, when a pickup truck hit their recumbent tandem bike, and our friend Shelley was killed. Now I have 3 headlamps, two red tail lights, and two blue side lights. I only use them flashing, and they are all USB rechargeable.
  • What brand?
  • 100 LM front light, two Cateye Rapid X3, one on each Flag, and 100 LM red flasher on the neck rest on my trike.
  • Went out for an hour this evening testing the LED lighting strip I found at Walmart.

    Added orange reflective strips to the front rims, red on the rear rim. Also added white to the front of the helmet and red in the back. This new reflective material is WAY BETTER than anything else I've found.

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  • Are those lights on the wheels? I first thought it was reflective tape which I found out I don't have on my replacement wheels.
  • TrikeBIrder, do you know what caused the accident with the truck? Was the driver of the truck charged with anything?
  • My friend Rick said he is only looking forward and so he hasn't investigated further than reading the newspaper account which gave few details. The newspaper account is all I read as well. I believe a police officer must now witness an accident or the driver must admit to a violation to receive a traffic ticket in Michigan. I could be wrong. So, I don't believe the driver received a ticket.
  • Added some School Bus Yellow reflective tape to the back side of the crank arms, and a couple small sections on the other ends, to the Rover post, and the mirrors.

    The photos were taken as I was applying the Reflexite Orafol R99 FRA 224 V92 V99 Reflective Tape. (

    Right Crank Arm

    Left Crank Arm

    Left Crank Arm End

    Right Crank Gear

    Rover Post & Frontal View

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  • Is there ANY part of your Rover that isn't reflective at this point @IdahoTrailLizard ?
  • He’s going to airbrush glo paint on any part that is not taped. B)
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    The reflective tape seller suggested a lot more, but I only have hints here and there. Most pedals have yellow reflectors on them if you look. Clipless pedals however do not, but mine do to a point.

    Was thinking of adding some on the bare section of the Low Rider Rack, but it's been too cold to ride, and it's raining for the next couple of days. Not even gotten out to tighten the brake cable yet.
    Should of rode last Wednesday ... /kicks self in butt.

    Wheel rims were ripe for reflective material to be added.

    Was going to create a carrier from the Low Rider Rack to the crossbars, but since the wheels cut in so tight I've scrapped the idea. Might still go with netting or something.

    Still not found a way to safely carry a 5 foot 20 pound didgeridoo on here yet.

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  • "IdahoTrailLizard" My Schwalbe Marathons have a reflective stripe that really, really stands out. Reflective tape is only effective if there is a light shining on you. You need lights and flags.

    BTW, "Play your didgeridoo Blue. Play your didgeridoo. Keep playing til I shoot through Blue. Play your didgeridoo. Tan me hide when I'm dead Fred....... So we tanned his hide when he died Clyde, and that's it hangin' on the shed! All together now... Tie me kangaroo down sport... :D
  • I have plenty of lights. :D

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    Local law enforcement had no issues with the blue LED lights under the carriage. Have been running these for a year or so.
    Tonight had a local police stop by. I had taken a grade and was tired, so was on the corner near an empty highway. Next a state trooper comes in behind me, put the spot light on me, and says I have to remove the blue lights. :neutral:

    He suggested white, amber, or red - but I think red would not be so good. So, at some point I'll have to get amber LED strips.

    Tempted to go down to City Hall and protest the under-carriage lights. However it's only $30 or so for new LED lights. Don't think amber is going to be as comforting on the eyes.

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  • Sounds like they don't like you infringing on their territory. You had to stop at the top of the grade, didn't you?
  • A lot of states have laws against under-carriage lighting on a moving vehicle. It can be consider a distraction to other drivers. I know a few people have been pulled over and ticketed for this on their cars. The one got his car towed because it was not the first time he was pulled over for having them on.
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    Yeah, I had to stop on the sidewalk on top of the small grade.
    Usually am parked on the other side facing across. Last night I was debating about taking the final lap, or to just go home. But this side of the river, with the breeze blowing, was so cool and smelled great.

    Was strange, a two-stroke bicycle went down the highway - luckily for him they had lights on the front and back.
    Said to the State Trooper, why doesn't anyone go after them, as they have a motorized bicycle with no license, and the motor is run by fuel. Oh, but they can only go so fast.
    Guess it comes down to who you know and who knows you.

    But was first stopped by the local police, and he said nothing about the lights. In fact I've rode by many sheriff and police vehicles, no one said a thing. Then this trooper comes along... think he was jealous my ride was cooler than his. :smile:

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    Maybe I can go purple. That should not be too damaging on the night vision. Amber I think would mess with the night vision, and be more noticeable than I was wanting.

    Why he would think red on the front would be a good idea... red is for the rear.

    All I was wanting was a nice ambience around me to see with at night, giving off enough glow to see things around me for a short distance. Not there to look like a UFO, and these worked out good.

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  • Red ambient shining down would be good. Red does not interfere with night vision. Obviously you'd still want your headlight for road visibility up front, but for the "downfacing" ambient, red is safe.
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    This is about all the light it throws, from a camera's viewpoint. It's better at night as once can see subtle differences along the highway where there are no street lights.



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