Gear shifts.........

I put air in my tires today and took my trike for a short ride today. It is the first ride in about a year. I was disappointed to find that the gear shifts which is some kind or rubber was extremely tacky and left a lot of black residue on my hand. Can these be replaced cheaply or with a different kind that will not deteriorate in the same way ?


  • I've been wonder that myself for years.
  • Are you talking about the grips on the end of the handlebars? If so yes easily replaced. Or do you have "Gripshifters, and are talking about the black rubber grips o the end of the shifters; then the answer is also yes.
    Here are some examples:
  • I am talking about the shifter itself. It looks like they are about $20 bucks or so.
  • Which shifters do you have? Nuvinci twist shifters, or the "Gripshift" type; or the Microshift Triger shifters? You can replace the grips on the twist shifters, the trigger shifters you can replace the grips. Please post a pic of your system.
  • ds85-8 micro shift
  • Ah, ok, thank you! You are talking about tje short grips that come on the shifters, or the "2nd part of the handlebar grip", that goes on the handlebar? Either of those can be removed and replaced. Sram makes the "half grips" that can go on your shifters.

    I looked at the Micro shift website didn't see them selling the "half grips" for their DS85-8 shifters. You may try contacting Microshift. Good luck!
  • it might say ds86-8 not 100% sure what I read... has anybody tried changing to levers on a Rambler.
  • Sounds more like these to me anyway.:

    Yes you can change the grips out. You have a rear derailleur set-up, or a Nuvinci rear hub wheel? If derailleur yes you can go with the "trigger"/ paddle/lever/"rapid-Fire' type shifters. As long as the shifters match your number of rear "cogs"/gears; and the size chain you are using, 8,9,10, 11 speed chains. Hope this helps.
  • Ewww yuck, just spent an hour trying to get the rubber off the gear shifter and its a real mess. I still need to loosen the the brake and shifter from the handlebar so I can access the lower half to clean it. Wondering if anybody has tried making a wrap to cover the shifter rather than the rubber ?
  • I found that when my hands got sweaty I couldn't shift my twist-shifter. The simple fix was to wear cycling gloves which takes care of the problem. Good luck with your fix.
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