20" wheel set wanted

I have an immediate need to replace my right front wheel. Additionally, I have a project I want to work out that entails a second wheel set- ideally one with an IGH. But to be clear, I will gladly consider any 20" TT wheel set. And if you only have one right wheel you can part with, please let me know, as I have to replace mine ASAP.

I want to try Big Apples all around, without giving up my current wheels all equipped with now discontinued Schwalbe Marathon 406 tires. Since we have two 20" wheel equipped TerraTrikes, both with an IGH, I am hoping to get a spare IGH in the process, and I am considering building a Nuvinci 380 or perhaps a used Rohloff 20" wheel. It is undoubtedly a winter project as I live in Michigan and do little winter riding.


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