Bicycle Registry/Stolen Bike Search

I found two sites you can use to register your trike or look up a trike you want to buy to make certain it's not stolen. They are:
National Bike Registry
Bike Index:

Both can help a stolen bike that is later found be returned to you. Police departments usually auction off found bikes because they cannot find the owners. Many on here would rather take the insurance money and buy a new one. I have added over $800 in modifications/customizations to mine. I'd have to start over and don't ever want to do that.


  • I asked my insurance agent how many recumbent trikes get stolen. He reported that he could only find evidence of 17 recumbent trikes being stolen in 2016. BentRider reports that the best estimate of the bicycle manufactures in the USA stands somewhere between 20,000-25,000 recumbents owned in the US. And two trike manufacturers believe that or every recumbent trike owned in the US there are four recumbent bikes. If we accept the mid point between them (22.5 thousand) and divide by 4, that gives us an estimate of 5,625 recumbent trikes in the USA. If only 17 were stolen last year, that means there is a .003% chance your trike will be stolen. I think collectively we are worrying far too much and spending far too much time for the extreme unlikeliness of out trikes being stolen. Buy a lock, separately schedule the trike on a renters/homeowners policy, and forget it, is my suggestion.
  • Only 17 were reported to insurance because they were covered. The others were never counted. All I know is if mine is found, I can identify it and I will make certain not to buy a stolen one. Do everyone who has purchased a used trike know for sure that it was NOT stolen?
  • No, the 17 stolen came from US police reports!
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