Changing Out OEM Microshift Rear Derailleur and Shifters, Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has upgraded their rear derailleur and shifters? Going from the OEM Microshift to perhps Shimano XT or XTR? I became so used to the Shimano mountain "dual-control levers" on my bikes for 12 years, and NEVER liked "thumb shifters/rapid fire" type shifters. Having a difficult time using the Microshift thumb shifters on my RAT. I've also used the "back-wards" shifting "Rapid-Rize" rear derailleur that either you love it or hate it!. Have a nine speed dual-control, lever set and a 9 speed rapid-rize rear der. Thinking of installing them on my RAT and just using the 40 x12 teeth only, of the cassette, (making it a 9 speed). Any input from any trikers out there, please? Thanks ahead of time!


  • NO ONE here has ever changed out their OEM derailleurs and/or shifters? REALLY?
  • My Rover came with no derailleurs and an internal hub. It now has both a front and a rear derailleur. I bought an inexpensive rear derailleur from Amazon (it's only for chain tension, no shifting, so cheap is ok) and an expensive E-Type derailleur up front.
    IGH shifter is still the stock SA. Front shifter is a $35 trigger shifter. E-Type derailleur and associated shifter were bought from Shimano XTR series I believe.

    I think from the sounds of it you already know way more than I do about gear and which series from Shimano is crap and which is good. So go with what you know already.
  • So you changed out the crank also since you added a frt der? I guessed you must have to need the rear der for chain tension. Which crank did you go with? Thanks for the reply!
  • I will be changing out the oem rear derailleur when I order my Rover. I am old school. Will be installing a new 9speed Deore rear derail and an new old stock Suntour Cyclone front derailleur. Shimano Ultra barcon shifters. I have always used barcons or thumb shifters be it Suntour or SHIMANO brand. Never had a problem with those shifters. Crank will be a Suntour SR double. The Microsoft hardware might be OK but I have the time and finances to put on what I know works. I have built 9 recumbent from scratch and all the little tweeks will be installed. More to come.
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    Ah YES!! How well I remember Suntour products!! Good products. Never cared for bar-end shifters, but to each their own. I used Shimano "dual-control" levers on my mtn bikes for 12 years, prefer them. Looking at replacing the "rapid-fire" trigger shifters with dual controls.
  • I started with a cheap Altus 22/32/42 for the front. Had no chain guard, so I replaced it with a SunRace 22/32/42 with a guard. Got my front post from Mark Power makes them himself. Make sure you ask for the one at exactly 66 deg - that'll handle both MTB and Road derailleurs.
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