Almost got T-Boned today on the trike

Out on the trike today and I came within inches of getting run over.

I was literally inches from being T-boned from the side.

In a State Park, no less.

By a deer.

I never saw the critter coming, but his or her leaping legs came within inches of the saw blade big chain ring that sticks out of the front of my Rambler.

Instinctively, I hit the brakes, but he was already past me by the time I could react.

A car that was driving toward me saw the whole affair and she stopped to ask if I was ok.

I told her that I was, that the deer just missed me, and that I think I pooped my pants.

(Not, but she thought it was funny).


  • "You wouldn't happen to have a spare set of drawers, would you"? hehehe.

    I always like "Cabin boy, bring me my brown pants"
  • Glad you're ok!

    They have those things you put on the front bumper that emit a sound that scares the deer away. Would that work on your trike also?

    I caught a car coming towards me while on a sidewalk crossing a street. That was the worst I've seen.
  • Good thought on the deer whistles, but I believe they require air speed to work.

    Speeds higher than this old carcass can pedal at.

    Maybe I could try singing, I suppose, but that would probably drive away all life forms from the area. ;)
  • I have a bluetooth speaker on my handle bar. Hopefully, that helps. But. I don't think there are deer where I ride.
  • I have come within a dozen feet of solo deer this season. They have stopped and retreated. It's the deer running out that are being chased and don't stop that worry me. Leaves are down on one path now that make noise as we ride over them. I'm also going to make my
    flag pole/shaft above a foot taller. Saw a pict my wife shot of me and was shocked at how low it was.
  • Yeah, I have the teardrop American Flag from TT and a regular pole and small flag from Walmart. I cut the pole off by about a foot because it is made to attach to the rear wheel on the axle. I will add more flags if it means I will be seen.
  • maybe baseball cards in the spokes?
  • I was a courier for 5 years in eastern Pa. Had a 120 mile loop through some small towns but mostly rural farmland. I had several encounters with deer. 2 ran into the car, one at night, another about 2 years later at about 4pm in daylight. Both times saw them 1/2 second before contact, could not evade them. Also missed about 4 others. Almost hit a couple other critters like wild turkeys and pheasants.
    Also just missed a boulder the size of a fridge that blocked most of the road,
    What fun, made for interesting texting back to the dispatcher.
  • Encountered a doe one morning at Lake Fayetteville, AR... I came around a corner and she was standing by the pavement looking at me. As I approached she walked off into the woods and disappeared.

    Now the schmuck who pulled his car across the path and stopped... I had no choice but to lock the brakes or bite his driver's door. The back end of the trike hopped and I rolled the trike easily unclipping and rolling away from the trike. I got a small ow-y on my elbow (lots of layers). He fled the scene as I traced his family ancestry. I was lucky. :#
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