Last chance to talk me out of it!

I've been carefully following the electric assist threads/discussions since we bought our Rover Tandem in the spring. The trike is great, the dealer (Bikes and Beyond at Ft Benning, Ga), was a huge help, and we've enjoyed some rides. This is mostly for exercise for me and for time with my wife who suffered a brain injury two years ago. She's much more able now but we can't always depend on her to pull her on weight when we hit the hills. Because she's lost her vision, she doesn't anticipate those dreaded things. The result is we're missing neighborhoods, trails, and areas that take the fun out of riding.

Unless a consensus declares it a bad decision it's face, I hope to order the BBSHD from Luna tomorrow. It just seems such a straightforward approach. What am I missing? Your further input, info, and advice is treasured here in Alabama!

And I just have to add, Roll Tide!


  • Hi there. I ride a Rover as well as a car replacement and have near 30K electric miles under my saddle. I've used a variety of motors, including a mid-drive like the BBSHD. Any electric motor will be a great help for you and your wife-- people usually fall in love with electric assist no matter what they choose. The Bafang motors like BBSHD are great except for the increased chain wear and possibility of it leaving you stranded if something fails, but IIWY I would order it directly from Bafang and save money for larger batteries or choose another dealer. Batteries are the key component to any system ;)

    With a tandem especially I would suggest a hub motor for greatly improved stopping power through regen braking, greater headroom, and near bulletproof reliability, on top of being cheaper. Again, save money for batteries :)

    Speaking of batteries, the best batteries in the ebike market are made by a British fellow in China, EM3EV. Their prices are either better, on par, or slightly higher than you might see elsewhere, depending on which model you choose, but the quality is unmatched and well worth the extra $50 or so for shipping. You can find videos of their internals-- the quality and safety designed into their packs are the best I've seen outside perhaps BMZ.

    With Luna you're getting mainly re-branded motors and batteries which can be purchased for ~40% less directly through the manufacturer, and many of their batteries have their performance grossly overstated. I've used one of their batteries after it failed for a novice user due to a manufacturer error, their "advanced" charger drifts voltage worryingly and is rather inefficient. Buy cheap, buy twice!
    (Except in this case, you can spend the same or less and get better quality than you would from Luna). There are other good reasons to avoid doing business with them, but I'll leave it at that.

    Congrats on the move to an EV! Be sure to stretch before you ride so you don't strain your jaw from smiling!
  • Just do it!

    There are very few minuses to adding electric assist. Your riding range increases, speed increases and the desire to ride more often increases. If cost isn't a factor, then just do it.

    Get a battery that has a range at least 2x further than your longest ride, because you are going to find yourself doing that distance pretty easily assisted. Don't mess around with any chemistry like SLA (too heavy) NiCad (charge memory). Buy the charger from Luna as well, and get the more expensive one that allows 80% and 100% selectable. You get back from a ride, charge to 80% just to get it back up and running. You PLAN a ride for 3-4 hours away, switch the charger to 100% and it should be topped off before you start the ride.

    I have two of the shark battery packs from Luna. One is an 11AH and the other is the 13.6AH. Both are mounted to the stowaway rack for the Rover, and I swap out packs as the need arises. Any of the downtube packs Luna has should mount to this rack pretty easily. I don't have them wired in parallel as they have different capacities and don't have any diodes in the system yet to prevent one pack trying to charge the other. (This is the eventual plan, though.)

    I get about 25 mile range from the 11AH and just under 30 miles on the 13.6AH. (Hauling a bit less around, though. Not a tandem, and only myself to haul. Your range will likely be a bit less than I get.) You can use this as a ball park, just plan that your usage will be higher than mine as a result of loads.
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    Thanks, huge, Elrique64!! I'm following you on all that. My funds aren't unlimited but I can swing this deal ... the payback should be more time covering a wider area without the hill climbing barrier.
  • Thank you also eTrike. My background is engineering so I'm fraught with tendencies to analyze, reanalyze, put systems together on my own with individually superior components ... we tend to think alike.
    However, my time is so compromised that I'm frankly looking for a simple approach that will actually work. That said, I'll make a pass at some of the sources you suggest and as we say down South, "Much obliged!"
  • Have a Bafang BBSO2 w 13.5ah Giant from Luna on my Rover Have not had any unresolved issues. The kit performs very well. They are located in NA and have parts and service HERE! Read Karl Gesslein articles here: Not saying anything wrong w buying direct from China, but have had other smaller items that didn't pan out and were not worth the trouble of returning. Return freight on a kit to China, particularly a battery could be a real killer... time & savings gone.

    Do not know what eTrike prob w/ Luna was, but the very few others I heard complain about Luna looked very like an ureasonable axe to grind. My experience has been very positive as have most reviews.

    I regularly go 60 + Km on an 80% charge and though close, have never had the 41V low limit shut off the unit.

    Sure you will enjoy your eassist. Ride on
  • Thank.You.Squirrelpie0!
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