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Does anyone have photos of a mounted computer on a Rambler? It's my understanding that it mounts on the plastic cylinder on the front right wheel. Any recommendations on brand, or type?


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    I have Terratrikes Handle Bar Mount on my left handle bar. Mounted to it is a Bontrager wireless computer. This computer gave me fits when I had it on the boom at the front of the bike, since the computer couldn't pick up the sensor from that location. By moving the computer to the side of the trike where the sensor was mounted, my issues cleared up. Here is a factory photo of the mount. sabi0tdn3ijd.png
    It's on a Rambler, btw.
  • Thank you both for the photos, but I still cannot see how, or where, they are mounted. Please forgive my lack of understanding.
  • Ok, here are two more photos. The sensor is on the left wheel, attached to a bracket that itself is attached to the left tie rod end, viewed from behind.
    The computer is on the left handle bar and it is attached to the Terratrike handlebar mount.



  • I used the Terra Trike Computer Bracket mounted on the lower left side end of the tie rod, where the bolt connects the tie rod to the left knuckle. As in the picture above. The sending unit to my wireless Cat Eye computer is bolted there. I also bolted the TT Handlebar Mount on the left handlebar arm under the brake lever. Then connected my many years old Cat Eye CC MC100W computer onto the handlebar mount. I did use a cloth measuring tape to measure the outer circumference of the tire and inputted that distance in millimeters into the computer. Easy Peasy! Good luck!
  • Have a Bell wireless display that I mounted above my Luna eassist controller display but there was interference from the controller. Bell worked when I moved it to the bottom bend of the handlebar where I can still see it and it now works. I just use it as an odometer back up. Sensor for Bell on the little tie rod post as designed. Luna speed sensor on (wired) on rear wheel as designed.
  • Now I understand. I had thought that the sensor and read-out device were one and the same. Thanks to all for responding.
  • In my pic, I've mounted mine to the mirror bar which itself is attached to versa bars, but the sensor is, like his, mounted to the sensor mount provided by TerraTrike on the Rover's frame/steering assembly. The magnet is just hand-tight onto a spoke. Distance between sensor head and magnet is < 1mm, then my Cateye Velo7 is wired up around the versa bar to where I mounted the bracket for the readout.
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