pedal extenders

need to know the size of the pedal bar


  • Do you mean the axle of the pedal itself?

    Or of the thread dimensions of that pedal?

    Or the crank arm length?
  • Let me answer my own questions.

    Axle dimension on the pedal, depends on the manufacturer of the pedal. I believe the pedals that TT uses are pretty generic and are measured in Chinese.

    Thread dimensions of the pedal, likely 9/16 x 20tpi.

    Crank arm length, likely 170mm, but some models in the TT line differ. See the specs for your model.
  • I needed to know the thread dimensions. I think it's 9/16 but not sure
  • If you have a bolt thru both of the crankarms and the big ring, it's a two piece crank.

    I've not seen any bike, or trike, with two piece cranks that use anything else other than 9/16 x 20 threads.
  • 9/16, at least on the Rover default hardware.
  • All non-single piece cranks; their pedal thread size is 9/16 x 20. All single one piece cranks, i.e. "ashtabula" are 1/2 x 20 thread size. In BOTH sizes the rt hand pedals has right hand threads; the left hand pedal is left hand threaded. "Right and Left' are as on is sitting on the bike not looking at it from the front. Hope this helps.
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