Thank you!

Just want to say thank you for the vast amount of information posted on the forum. We bought our 3 year old Rover i8 Tandem in May. I've read the forum weekly since then as we've gotten used to the trike and the available safe rides nearby. You've provided a mountain of info ... some of it off topic but dead on for a question I was formulating.

I expect to be posting questions that might help others new to triking and especially electric assist. Will be reading daily going forward. Thank you again for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience.


  • This is a very powerful forum. Not only does it address specific inquiries on the various models it also addresses a lot of general information that is valuable. Making riding safer, easier, more fun and more efficient, you'll find it here. I can't begin to describe all that I've learned over the past two years I've been reading and contributing. Thank you Terra Trike for offering this platform. :)
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