Winter storage

We want to use our back porch for storage of our trikes this coming cold season. Only way is to stand them against the wall on their rear tire. Is this a bad idea for the rear tire? Because it will be 4-5 months...


  • TT sells a wall hanger, which hangs them from the wall using the rear tire rim (but no pressure on the rubber tire itself).
  • could take off the rear wheel, hang trike resting on frame end. maybe good to pull chain, lube and store in plastic bag, keep from rust.
  • Hi. I am back. I had to reregister. I think I may hang trikes on wall by the axle. Seems like it would be sturdier than the rear rim. Hanging them with a heavy hook. Still hope to ride a few more days in Michigan. Want to reach 700 mike mark.
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    Rim will support the weight
  • Thanks. The frame would be like 14” off the wall whereas the hook is 7”. I see headache (feel it already) if I tried hanging it by the frame.
  • Hard frost in northern Michigan this morning.
  • What about using shelf braces? I just bought some to add a shelf to my laundry room. They are an L shape and usually have a brace that runs between both parts for strength. Use extra long screws and be sure to bolt it into the studs. You can adjust how high you want it and still leave the rear wheel on the ground so the braces don't bear all the weight of the trike. I used a ladder hook to mount my Alpaca carrier on the wall but I would definitely want additional support for the trike.
  • We got our allotment of 14 miles in yesterday. It was 48 for the high. She had her long johns on and still froze. I did ok. 42 miles to go now for my 700. 29 in MKG overnight. I have had trike against the wall on its rear tire for a time this summer. Already have a heavy duty bike hook in wall for that. Used an old tire tube to tie bike to hook. It didn’t hold it tight to wall but that’s ok.
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