Do You Stretch Before or After a Ride?

I had wondered about this. I found the older I got, the more stretching before an activity was needed. I even started stretching before bowling. I start out very slow to stretch my muscles but never really feel like I'm overworking them.

What do you do? Here is an article on the subject but there still is not a concensus.


  • I'm convinced just about any form of stretching before an activity is good.
  • I stretch . . . to reach the drink holder
  • I stretch, reaching for the recline button on the recliner before taking nap. The problem with that is that the button is on the left side of the recliner, so, it is only my left arm that is getting the exercise. I tried laying on my belly once so that my right arm would get some exercise pressing the button and just about broke my back when the chair returned to the upright position. :-)
  • I still am having trouble skipping this unnecessary activity, believing for decades that it was benneficial, and even critical pre/post exersize, to avoid injury.

    Check out "Quite a Stretch"
    Stretching science shows that a stretching habit isn’t doing much of what people hope. It doesn't hurt to stretch pre & post ridding, it just doesn't benefit us very much, but it still feels good.
  • Thanks! I start out slow and easy and finish the same way both with riding and when I walk on a treadmill. I only stretched as I got older playing softball to get the muscles moving. Without stretching, they were very stiff. I just don't feel the need while riding.
  • I find myself stretching both before and after riding automatically. Old habits are hard to break... especially when it feels sooo good!
  • I start out riding slow and easy for about a half mile before getting in the groove. Coming home I just put DP (Deep Purple) in the barn, come in, take a shower, pour a cold non-alcoholic beer, sit down in the recliner and take a z-z-z-z-z-z :)
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