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Was going to try and finagle a way to mount a freely-adjustable mount for a smartphone or camera between two driveway markers coming out the seat posts. And then see if the camera would be able to take good video without a lot of vibration.

Latest photo of current setup image

Seen some people had run a PVC pipe nearly vertical, then mounted a GoPro mount up there to allow them to record from up high.
While it seems interesting I don't have the big bucks to own a GoPro. If I ever went that route would want a camera that can hold a large miniSD card near the 256GB to 512GB range so it could record longer whilst also having a battery that could last equally as long & take a charge while recording (i.e. via solar panel or battery-booster).

Seen others that had a wide lightbar that had a camera mount on the left side.

Would like to find some cheaper method of allowing me to record short videos of a ride coming up in two weeks, as vibration free as possible.



  • I have an old "Flip" video camera. I am still trying to find a way to mount it on my Rambler with minimum vibration.
  • Was given a Mi Note as a reward for finding a notorious bug in an app for a Korean company. Can't use it really as it has no build for the USA, yet has all sort of sensors and a perty good camera. It's what I dubbed as a "spy phone" - and the finish I swear is covered in nanobots. You may think a surface is flat, but this phone's finish allows the phone to travel. It's spooky.

    Anyhow, was trying to find a way to hold it on the Rover somehow and make use of its camera. I should of sold it when I had the chance. It doesn't have a barometer, but has about everything else on it. Wished it was a watch instead! :D

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  • I am using a GoPro with a 64GB card and an external battery pack as a "dash cam" for my rides. You may be able to find a used older-model GoPro (such as a Hero 3) on eBay for a reasonable price. They do quite well for the job. My longest rides are around 4 and a half hours, and the battery and memory card still have plenty to spare at the end. I think I could probably get another hour on the memory card, and probably 3 more hours in battery capacity. The battery pack is a 25 dollar cell phone charger pack I got at Target. I have the headrest on my Tour, but I switched the parts so that the long bar extends straight up behind my head rather than forward. I put an accessory mount on that, then zip tied a GoPro mount to that. The very top of my head is still in the picture, but in my opinion it does just fine.
  • I recommend getting a "steady-cam" to mount the camera - cell phone or regular camera, even a go-pro. I was doing some research on one, found one on Ebay for $15-25... Only problem is, the mounting to the bike must be on the hand grip itself. It also adds a bit of weight, but it is intended to be hand-held, rather than on a harness. Do a search for: PRO Handheld Steadycam Video Stabilizer for Digital Camera Camcorder DV DSLR SLR. On the other hand, check out this YouTube video by one of my favorite woodworkers - Matthias Wandel: (He builds woodworking machinery out of wood... love his page... I've built a number of his jigs...) I would think that you could mount the camera/cellphone on the end of a long tube, with some weight added to the bottom of the tube to counteract the camera weight. Then, attach the vertical tube the camera is on to the horizontal tube fixed on the trike. Turning on the camera now... would need some type of remote...
  • Minoura Camera Mount took a month to arrive from Japan. Got that about a month ago and only recently had mounted it on the Versa Bar. Am quite surprised how well it does.

    Above the Versa Bar it catches part of the mirror and has an interesting effect on recordings. Flipped it underneath and it worked well there too, with the HERO Session, although the perspective was different.

    Will try and piece together some video clips to show different positions I've recorded on. Of course on the Versa Bar one's feet and chainring gets captured, but it's not annoying like some other videos I've seen.

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  • I get some pictures this weekend of my headrest mount and my mount I have on my post out in front. The one out front is out far enough and high enough so my feet do not show. and the headrest mount you do not see the top of my Helmet. Both are very stable, only notice it when hit a hard bump on the trail.
  • trike riders and those with an odd fetish are the only people that record their feet for others to view. :)
  • I did it once to prove to my family that I actually was riding. No one wanted to believe me.
  • Cam on my helmet did not show my feet on Mackinac Island. I have a pce of aluminum that I may form into a triangle shape to mount up front to water bottle mount. Put cam on top of that. Keep putting it off as the end of season is really close. :(
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