I have two trikes and want to take them on a trip. Is there a bike carrier that will fit two? I cannot put them on top of the auv


  • If you have a receiver hitch on your car, an Alpaca Carrier can hold two. The one sold on this website even shows two trikes on it.
  • FLA-do you get help loading your Trike
    onto that rack? I mean, it looks like it hangs waay up there! Maybe a motorized cable that lowers then raises
    trike into position?
  • Draftmaster also has a hitch carrier that holds 2 tadpole trikes.
  • Draftmaster is much more expensive but I love the ease of loading. Wish I could have afforded to buy one!

    Finn59, I prefer to get help loading it but sometimes don't have it. I want to design a winch system that would lift the trike so I can guide it on the bars. The problem is the trike ends up having to sit on the rear tire which is very unstable. Sometimes I get under it to guide it on. One person on each front wheel makes it very easy.
  • Looked at a Draftmaster but did not see a YouTube video showing it in action. Do you still have to lift the trike into the vertical position?
  • I can't find a video either but I believe it rolls onto the rack. You then lift the rack up and into position for travel. I'm not sure how much the rack alone weighs.
  • Get a low interest gov’t load for an electric lift for da vehicle. :o
  • There is a new player in the rack market. Seasucker, a roof mounted suction cup mounted rack that now has one for trikes. I saw a guy with a DF bike with one on his mustang. He loves it. He told me that he has driven all over and at high speeds with his high dollar mountain bike mounted on top. Just something else to consider.
  • Saw a commercial for that during the Tour de France. It showed a road bike mounted to the back of a SUV.
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