Bikers In NY Fight Back

Here is their response:

That path in NY looks awesome. I wish I had a chance to ride it. The paths I did ride in Naples FL had poles planted where roads cross so vehicles cannot enter it. I thought down there it was to prevent the elderly from making a wrong turn. Never thought they would protect me. Guess NY will have spend the money to do the same.


  • We have those poles on SOME of the local paths here. Not on the north path though. Gotta watch where you are going and not look behind you as you approach one. It will ruin your day.
  • They were almost too close and I struggled to get my trike through them. I had to slow way down. Still worth it for the security/
  • I do a lot of trail projects and need to be able to drive a pickup on the trails here. We also have mowers running on them, tree trimming crews, snow plows etc.. Need trail access.
  • Here in SW Florida, you see many multi-rider Pace Lines riding on Rails to Trails routes, with easy access for service vehicles "only", as well as in the State Parks where cars and trucks share the roads with bicycles. You can't stop a nut job who wants to do folks in.

    :) Although, come to think about it, I could install reactive armor on my trike so if he hits me, I will be the last one he hits. :D
  • Those poles can be lifted up and removed so that work trucks can hit the trails.

    I'm going to another ride in Pensacola on Saturday and was concerned about someone attacking the group. But, I won't let these terrorists keep me locked in my house!
  • We have over 80,miles of paved trails in our two county area with many access points. Access barriers can be problematic at road crossings
  • I have ridden in Manhattan often and it is a great place to ride from central park to the trail along the west side highway you can ride all the way around the island with very little traffic exposure. My personal favorite is a late night ride over the Brooklyn Bridge on the path above the roadway. My heart goes out to all of the deceased and injured but will absolutely be on a bike next time I am in NYC
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