Summer is Over



  • Other folks have been known to spread ice from their freezer onto a baking sheet and have a fan blow air across it.
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    Other folks have been known to spread ice from their freezer onto a baking sheet and have a fan blow air across it.

    Yep, some folks probably tried that. Even though it's a dry heat it's still HOT... And I mean burn your a$$ hot if you get against a metal surface. People quickly learned to put a towel over the steering wheel to keep from scorching their fingers. Oh, I remember those days of my childhood very, very well. Hot, hot, hot :o

    There was a device for cars back in the 40s and 50s that fastened in the top of the rider side window. You filled it with ice so when the car was moving air would be forced over the ice into the interior of the vehicle. It only worked when you were moving and I'm sure not very well. :)

    Another more effective device was a water bag (rectangular) made of a canvas material. You hung it over the hood ornament or some place on the outside of a vehicle. Evaporation of water saturating the material cooled the water inside quite well so you could at least have a cool drink. I remember my dad had one.

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    Y'all should start a new thread, Winter is coming!

    Here in this part of Idaho it's been wet, and in the 40's to 50's. Not gotten out to ride in a few weeks. Wanted to go out last week but I got a gift at Walmart that's had me hacking and coughing up junk. Now seems every day I could ride it's MORE RAIN. Rather have the more firmer version of rain, the white flaky stuff.

    Heard y'all back east are getting hammered with an early arctic season?

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    This was two days ago in northern Michigan
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  • Going to pedal Monday to reach the numbrrr. Then Rover comes inside to go on the Kinetic. Ordered the small
    wheel adapter today. Suppose to be in the 40’s the next two days. Heat wave.
  • Still warm in the southeast. We've reached the 70s everyday and it will continue this week. I always say the best of living here is 6 months of spring and fall.

    It is time to lower the back of my seat to reduce wind resistance. I hate the cold wind worse then the low temps.
  • Florida-where did you get the Pepto
    holder at? Looks like it could be a pvc pipe. What did you use for the angle? I just put a bottle holder under my seat. The handlebar mounted kind. Had to build it up from below with tape though.
  • It's 3" PVC pipe with a PVC end cap glued to the bottom. It's attached to a T-Cycle adjustable two-bottle holder.
    It's attached to the trike at the normal bottle holder position on the front of the boom.
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