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Hello - I want to get an indoor trainer - I have a Rover with internal hub so no removable skewer as many require. The Rover does however have 2 large bolts at the rear wheel that I found some trainers will fit directly question is will the weight (myself + my bike) possibly cause damage to the bolts? Should I get a roller trainer instead (SportCrafters makes one specifically for Trikes)?


  • Just a follow-up...I was able to attach a Kurt Kinetic Smart Trainer at a local bike shop and the Rover fit perfectly! There is a big sale coming up later this week so I am going to purchase the Kurt Kinetic Smart Control Trainer and connect to my TV and ride some indoor courses this winter using the Zwift App (the tension on the smart trainer will change when going up hills/down hills while using Zwift). Will also have to purchase a small wheel adapter for the trainer and 2 wheel risers for my front wheel. If anyone has any interest in how it all goes let me know and I will shoot a video or something.
  • I have had a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for two or 3 seasons for my Diamondback upright. Will have to get that adapter too for $60. Sent a picture to them of the dropout area on the Rover. Waiting for a reply, to see if it will work on those axle nutz from the Nexus hub. Thanks for the update.
  • I have the internal 8 hub - attached is what mine looked like and the Kinetic fit perfectly. Supposedly if the bolts get at least 0.125” of coverage you are good to go - I had almost 0.5” coverage. Attached is what my rear bolts look like that fit greathsr6fcgr449y.jpeg
  • That hub looks showroom new.
  • I just got it a month ago - it was used gray one so at least 3-4 years old - I don’t think previous owner road it much.
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    Was in a bike shop yesterday and saw tires specifically for use on trainers. Supposedly trainers are hard on tires and lead to early failure.
  • Yeah I have seen separate tires for Trainers - my understanding is with the internal hub it is not that easy to switch a tire so i will have to use my own. I am definitely not a power rider - just more for fun
  • I did lose tread on my upright using it the first two winters. Vicki rode it
    some last winter. I switched tires for use with it. I have a feeling with it
    being more comfy than a df that I will use it more. I think I still have the original tires for it. I will have to swap em out to save the Schwalbe.
  • If anyone is interested in a Kurt Kinetic (Smart or basic) trainer they have everything 20% off on their website now thru Cyber Monday - going to purchase my smart trainer and adapter tomorrow!
  • Thanks for the heads up Magic Mike.
  • I purchased mine today - the regular price is $569 - the sale price is $455 (20% off) - in the cart it took ANOTHER 20% off!!! I got it for $364 - I am sure it is a website glitch - I also bought a mat, small wheel adapter, and 2 wheel risers - everything took double 20% off - it actually checked out. Be interesting to see if they actually honor the price come Monday morning.
  • Thanks for the heads up! Took another 20% off the sale prices on my order too.
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    It will be awesome if they fulfill those prices! My order would normally be $750 - with the sale it should have been $600 - with taking another 20% off by mistake in the cart I got it all for $475. Really hoping they honor those prices - something tells me someone is getting fired tomorrow haha
  • Anyone get a notice from Kurtkinetic concerning their weekend order? Or that it had shipped???Another question for my fans...anyone move their computer’s magnet/sensor to the rear
    tire when using an indoor exerciser? To see how little you peddled during the hard water season?
  • When I log in I get a message that says “order confirmed” but no details or shipment info today - Sunday afternoon someone finally fixed the site so now everything is 20% off and it no longer gives you another 20 off in the cart.
  • Just got confirmation order has shipped!
  • I still have not received confirmation on my adapter order from this weekend. Small order, not the big bucks. Did everyone get an ok thru an email that placed an order Saturday or early Sunday?
  • I put my order in around 2:00 Saturday - my first order was for the trainer only (when I saw the price I hurried up and checked out - didn’t want to jinx it) then my second order was for an adapter training mat and 2 tire risers about 10 minutes later. Received confirmation on 1st order about 5 pm Monday and the 2nd order about 5:20 - when you go into tracking both orders shipped earlier that morning around 10
  • Just got mine. FedEx. Comes with two shorter legs to offset the altitude g aimed by using the new bracket.
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