TerraTrike Warranty Clarification

Over the last few years several forum participants have rightfully touted the TerraTrike lifetime warranty. Some have suggested that the warranty is transferable to subsequent owners once an owner sells their trike. One individual even boasted of receiving a free frame replacement for his cracked frame on his second-hand TT. At the time I suggested everyone check the "fine print" to confirm TT warrants their trikes ONLY to the original purchaser.

Now I have direct experience. This autumn I had an accident on a local paved bike path while being passed by a df bike as another df approached going the opposite direction. As I got over as far to the right as possible to allow the bikes to pass, my right front wheel dropped 5" off the asphalt. I lost control and hit a wooden guard-fence. Road rash, bruises, and crushed pride were the extent of my injuries. Despite a severely bent wheel rim, I was able to ride the trike 3 miles home.

Before leaving for a fall color tour and Recumbent Cycle Con (more on this later and elsewhere) in the Philadelphia in early October, I dropped off my Rover at Spin Bike Shop, (Lansing Michigan's best bike shop IMHO) for repair while I was gone. Spin is a TT dealer and they were apprised of the facts. I reminded staff that I had purchased my Rover second hand, but asked if they could try to get it replaced under warranty. Please note that I had no expectation that they would replace it under warranty, and in fact, as expected, they did not do so. The truth is, they were under no obligation to do anything but charge me full retail for the frame section that was damaged (cracked welds in the cruciform). But that's not who TerraTrike is. Instead, TT discounted the part roughly 30%, Spin completed reassembly and delivered the trike upon my return.

No matter how you look at it, TerraTrike is an exemplary company when it comes to customer support, regularly going above and beyond what other trike manufacturers reportedly do.


  • I believe you have to pay to extend the warranty if you are the second owner. Here it is on their website:

    "TerraTrike now offers an extended warranty for 2nd party purchased used TerraTrikes. The warranty is valid for 3 years and applies to all trikes except the Tandem model. It is available for $149.95 and can be purchased through our online store or by calling us directly. This IS NOT available through our dealers. A new warranty registration must also be completed for the offer to be valid."

    Another reason to buy new!
  • $149 for a second owner three year warranty is very reasonable.
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