Homemade Bottle Holder

I bought the T-Cycle Dual Cup Holder but my Hydro Flask would not fit in the standard bike bottle holder. So, I made my own from 3" PVC pipe. I put a piece of pipe wrap in the bottom to limit vibrations. I may have to put more in the sides.
I will try it on the road tomorrow. Click on the small picture to take a look at it. What do you think?


  • I want to report that it worked great. I thought the Hydro Flask would rattle the whole way but it's weight along with the weight of the liquid inside kept that from happening. It was difficult to get the screws fastened inside the tube but someone with small hands would not have a problem.
  • I could drill holes thru the opposite tube wall to see and run a screw driver thru those holes to the other side to tighten
    screws down. I know. Water under the bridge...
  • I thought of that but the screw that holds the bottle holder to the rack is a 3mm allen wrench. I can't find one that would attach to my power screw driver with an extension attached.
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