Comfort padded seat cover

Have you bought the comfort padded TT seat cover? Was it actually more comfortable than the standard mesh cover? Did it help with hip pain or back pain?

Thank you!


  • For me it felt too narrow and not as comfortable as the wide original seat. I purchased a new 1st gen. mesh seat cover. I am selling the Comfort Padded Seat Mesh for a reasonable price of $60 + shipping.
  • Mr woobers is this the seat cover you have for sale?
  • Yes, that’s it and I still have it for sale.
  • I have the new seat cover and I think its great. Its more comfortable not as stiff as the original seat cover. binf1hkaf21l.jpg
  • Hi Weldin - I just got one as well - I love the back part but it seems the seat isn’t as long - when I compared to the original the new one slips over the front bars further (the original one was seen about 2 inches from the bottom) - you can see in your pic that the strap sticks out further than the seat. I kind of fixed it by stacking 7 nickels in each of the front slots so it sticks out further.

    Also - it advertises a “small zippered pouch” to hold keys phone etc - unless I am blind mine has not pouch to hold things - yours?
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    Any fold lumps on either side of the seat ends - the areas that touch the back of the thighs?

    The OEM folds create large lumps that dig into the back of the thighs, making it uncomfortable for some of us larger in life folks.

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  • @IdahoTrailLizard I put the new seat on, and also moved the seat UP one single notch. no more issues with the thighs getting holes dug in them. The seat does bunch up there, but not as badly as the original seat did.

    What I'm more ticked about is that just weeks after I buy my seat at RiderFest, TT changes it to include a wallet pocket on the left side. WAAAAHHHH!!! I wanted a pocket in mine!!! @Chonk, help a dude out!
  • From my understanding, not all seats got the pocket.

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  • I just got one from the new batch — no pocket
  • I wish they had pockets on both sides.
  • So getting one with a pocket is hit or miss? How . . . . neanderthal
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: »
    So getting one with a pocket is hit or miss? How . . . . neanderthal

    The pocket inspector is sleeping on the job.
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