20-inch Trainer Tire

Tried to Google this, and the search just came up with indoor trainers.

Does anyone know if there is a 20-inch tire specifically made to use with an indoor trainer? Such as the fluid trainers that are out there.


  • I picked up a SportCrafters resistance trainer yesterday. Put it under the rear wheel for a few turns of the crank this morning. Very easy set up; just used eyesight to center wheel on the rollers, sat down in the seat and started peddling. Trainer runs very smooth, tracks right down the middle, no more noise than when I'm riding outdoors, and I can hardly tell (other than the resistance) that it's back there. I am going to have to get risers for the front wheels. The trainer raises the rear wheel 3-inches, and my size 12s hit the floor sometimes. I'll go to my friends woodworking shop and build some.

    As far as getting a trainer tire; it looks like they are not available for 20-inch. I'm going to see how much wear occurs. If appreciable, then just get another tire come spring.
  • Yes. There will be wear. I am debating wether to leave Schwalbe on rear and wear it out o’er da winter, or, put on one of the original tires I kept. Not an easy job to switch out rear tires. Not warm out now. I did tire switch in late summer OUTSIDE on deck.
  • RonIA, I'm glad you like it. I hated mine. The resistance is not the same to me as being on the road and I too wanted to lift the front wheels off the ground to make the trike level again. Living in Florida now, I don't really need it.
  • If anyone is switching out tires for trainer use put a smooth tread one on, it's quieter.
  • Florida_bound - I agree the rollers won't feel the same as being on the road/trail. Right now I just want to keep peddling. I am narrowing down the app/sensor combination I will eventually use. It will just be me peddling and watching a simulation on the flat screen of a bike on a trail. No resistance change for hills, etc., but that will be for the future if I upgrade to a smart trainer. For right now, I just don't want to be too bored.
  • I am gathering materials this afternoon, and will go to my friends woodworking shop tomorrow to assemble.

    The riser shown in the link you provided only raises the wheel 1-1/2 inches. As I noted above, the SportCrafters trainer raises the rear wheel 3-inches. There are risers available to get a 3-inch raise, but the cost $25-$30 each. So I'm using wood I have laying around, and with a little of my own time will build a set for pennies.

    I'll let you know how they work out.
  • Just try it without the risers. Unless your feet are hitting the ground you probably wouldn't notice the difference.
  • TCed - I did use the trainer w/o the risers, and I did have the problem of my feet hitting the floor. Also, and I don't know if it was my imagination; but the seat angle felt wrong and I was climbing out of the seat. Thus, my next step will be to try risers.
  • Like another poster stated there are no 20" trainer tires. Trainers tend to wear the bottom of tire flat. Not somthing you want to do to an expensive tire. Just pickup a cheap tire. You can get a 20" Kenda Kwest for $15. The Kwest has thick rubber and is great for a trainer. You could go to the local bike shop and get a cheap BMX freestyle tire (although it maybe too wide). You can find the cheap ones for around $12.

    RonIA, there are two models of Sportcrafters trainers, the standard model and the higher resistance model. Which model do you own and is the resistance high enough for you?
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • And here I am with 3 new Schwalb base tires I took of my new Rover and installed Big Apples.
  • iambent - I have the higher resistance trainer, but I haven't got my indoor training set up complete to put it to the test.

    I'll have to let you know.
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