I Love my trike

I have a tandem pro. Got it last July. I weighed 267+. I am now at 224(after T-day, no less). I know I can't attribute all that loss to just the trike, but boy did it help! My wife lost significantly less(she would kill me for revealing her weight, so I will not, but she has lost 9lbs.) The most we rode at one time was 16-17 miles at a leisure pace. We learned to enjoy the ride, scenery,etc. versus how fast could we get there. When we got off the trike, we were tired yes, but we always wanted to go again. We were tired, not exhausted. Big difference. Best purchase I ever made! As a result, splurged on black Friday sale for some bling. New flag, comfort seats, etc. Can't wait til camping season again.


  • My wife and I each have Sportsters (x30), and while we really enjoy them we have been considering adding a Tandem Pro, with Independent Pedal System, to the stable. A couple months ago, we went to TT headquarters in Grand Rapids where they had a Tandem Pro set up for us to do a demo ride. The demo unit did not have IPS, but, we really enjoyed the "togetherness" provided with the tandem. We would continue to use the Sportsters, but use the tandem for selected rides. We will make a decision by next spring.

    I am interested in how you transport your tandem?

    At this point, our best conclusion is to purchase an enclosed utility trailer, a 6 X 10 with a V front would handle the length of the tandem. We transport our Sportsters in the rear of our F350 pickup (with topper). That works fine, but with the length of the tandem, the bed of the pickup isn't a viable option. I am thinking to build a shelf in the enclosed trailer that would run the length of the trailer and half the width and 3 foot high. That would allow for transport of all three trikes, plus, then, a workbench for any necessary maintenance on the trikes.
  • You're totally hooked! Welcome to the fold. B)
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