Rear fender

Tool the rack off behind my seat. Do I need a rack if I wanted the rear fender back there to mount it to?


  • Description tells of heavy duty stays but
    photo doesn’t show em.
  • The TT rear fender is fully self supporting. It is fairly sturdy considering the fender is plastic. The stays are metal and have a smooth side or ribbed side. Be prepared to remove the rear wheel in order to attach the frame standoff.
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    This past summer we installed the TT Fenders, front and rear, on our Sportsters. To date we have been very pleased with both their appearance and utility.

    During the winter months we bring our trikes in and down to our gym in the basement. They are then mounted on Cyclops Hammer Smart Trainers for workouts. Bringing the trikes down the stairway requires removal of the rear fenders which is achieved in a few minutes. So far, we are pleased with these fenders.
  • We r riding tomorrow. 42 for a high by
    afternoon they say. Vicki’s Trike is destined for the basement for the winter. It will take both of us to turn it on its’ side and carry it down. Hope it fits.
  • I thought a warm front was headed your way!

    I heard the report and remembered my childhood in St Louis. It could 30 in the morning and 70 at night. We were getting sick all the time. Couldn't carry enough clothes to cover all the conditions!
  • In a week it will be 32 for a high. Hmmm. Don’t know it it will last. Started the snow blower the other day. Waiting for your arrival.... B)
  • Fla-here’s the path we ride a lot north of Muskegon.
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    It's beautiful in the summer!

    I promise I will do my best to maker Riderfest next summer so I can finally saw I traveled to the state of Michigan. Last year I had a dilemma where my car needed repairs but doing the repairs would take all the money I needed for the trip. The car is running well now so I have no excuse.
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