Made my own seat cover

New Rover purchased in October. I set it up to my particular requirements. One thing that bothered me was the base seat material. Noisy noisy noisy. Made noise when I pushed on it with my hand, made noise when I sat down etc. I had a stash of open weave seat material left over from previous recumbents I had built over the years and left over 2" mil spec tent nylon webbing from a patio chair set reweaving project I did this summer. Also had the 2" hardware to connect things. Took the measurements of the seat frame, cut out a correct sized seat panel and started sewing. All by hand.
Seat now has the lumbar pad integral with the seat material and put 2 layers of sleeping bag pad cushion under the butt section.
The result? First time I sat in it, Ah Ah Ah. Quiet seat. Open mesh material gives making for a comfy seat. Well worth the time, materials and effort. Now I am a happy TT Rover owner.


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