Question on Chain Tightness

As I said a while back, occasionally I can rock the seat side to side which means the main frame bolts have loosened. Yesterday I put the trike up on the Alpaca Carrier to go to a ride today. I noticed the chain was very movable. Once, when it got too loose, the chain jumped off the back gear.

While the trike is on the carrier, should I loosen those bolts and extend the frame to tighten the chain? I don't want to put too much pressure on it and brake it. The chain is 3 years old and I probably have 1500 miles on it.

What should I do?


  • First thing I would try is to move the rear wheel back in the drop outs. Anything else would change your hard earned comfort between the seat and peddles. Just my humble opinion.
  • I had originally had our rear back in dat
    slot but have since moved it to the forward position. That way, there is only
    one area to check, the boom. Was told to do so by another author here. I had chain jumping off this fall up nordth. Had to push Trike back to truck. Good luck.
  • I could just loosen the boom. I can always move the seat up after that. The main frame has been tight to the front ever since I had that big adjustment done after getting the 24" wheels. I'm thinking the chain has stretched. Does that mean it will soon fail or is that normal?
  • Mine is a 2013 Rover and the first two owners didn’t own it that long. I doubt it would have been replaced yet. I’m thinking of changing it b4 next season.
    It hasn’t given me issues since August.
    It has a couple of quick links that I have replaced. There is a way to measure the links to determine their wear. It has been mentioned here b4. Maybe it will
    be mentioned here momentarily.
  • with a nexus hub you are probably still in the barely-used category. for peace of mind, your lbs can easily measure whether the chain has stretched beyond limits.

  • Probably just tighten on rear slot or Probably will move way less than one inch if you use the boom extension. Chain is long and a very small amount of wear will cause slop. Got over 5000 mi out my first and has lots of abuse. Never broke. If worried about breakage get a chain tool, a quick link and learn how to use...not difficult.
  • @Florida_bound, looks like you're getting some good ideas from everyone. Like you, I have learned so much from everyone here on the TT Forum. And I don't recall for sure where I first learned this, bit it is worth sharing. When we ride our trikes, more energy will be delivered to the wheels if we can avoid moving as much as possible while we pedal. I found that initially I had to concentrate on not swaying side to side as I pedaled. Now I occasionally catch myself moving side to side.

    Maybe someone with more cycling experience can link to a good article that discusses how important form can be to performance.
  • I had to move side to side when my knees were really bad. I might have fallen back into that habit even though I don't need to.

    I'm going to try pulling the boom out a little first. I rode today and didn't have an issue with it but would still like it tight.
  • Blue thread locker on threads first. Let
    it sit so fluid has time to set up. ( then get in three days of riding before Artic
    front gets there. :'( )
  • I'm headed to the hardware store today. I'll pick some up.
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