Suggestions please I want to upgrade from a Rover!



  • Creaking is caused by bare metal on metal. If they greased just that bare spot then slippage is not an issue. However if they coated every surface of the inner square tubing then you might run into a slippage problem. Only time will tell.
    Squirrelpie0, what climate are you riding? The main tube is made up of 2 square tubes one inside the other. Was one rusting or both of them? When I made my bike frames I would spray a frame rust inhibitor inside the frame and close the access hole. The Rover frame is not sealable in that manner, but greasing the joint areas where sections meet would help a lot.
  • 2 rovers, light rust inside main frame where boom slides in, a rain entry point. silicone bead will seal. seat support struts could use a bit of silicone at the joint as well.

    the grub screws punch a dimple in the boom when tight. seat sway over time will cause boom movement as they wiggle - grease does not cure the cause.

    stiffening the seat with a cargo rack does wonders in the creaking department. replacing grenade pins with bolts adds to that. terracycle strut clamps - velogenesis - supposed to work very well stiffening the seat.

    generally, creaking noise indicates time to tighten seat mount and all affected hardware. loctite blue is good stuff to keep hardware snug.
  • More likely the squeak was coming from one of the seat mounting bolts IMHO
  • I had tightened the seat mounting bolts, the frame screws, and it still squeaked. It was the grease on the inner frame that stopped the noise.
  • As long as it's solved. Think the grease is positive on a Rover. On an adjustable round boom might be a problem
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