Rack I built



  • We use one ratchet strap over the seat
    and under the rack to hold Trike in place. We lock the brakes as well. Never had an issue using that method.
  • On what trail is the photo that you posted on Nov 14th? We live in Michigan and get around to quite a few of the Michigan trails, but, am always looking for new adventures and/or recommendations.
  • If the photo showed Vicki behind me, it is the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail. Starts at McMillan Rd. Small parking lot there. They are prepping that trails’ extension to the south, prob adding two more miles to it. This fall was the completion date. Needs to be paved next. It has been prepped with gravel.
  • I swear, half the trails in Michigan start with "Fred Meijer". That man (and now his family) have done so much for Michigan biking.
  • Is that the same family that owns the grocery stores? I had never heard of them until I took a trip to Ohio.
  • Yes. Meijer grocery chain started in Greenville, MI. I think they HQ in Grand Rapids now, and Western and some of Eastern MI are covered in trails that the family paid to build or were otherwise instrumental in making happen.

    I tend to believe that had it not been for early trails, perhaps WizWheels would never have started in business. If I'm right, then we may all owe a debt of gratitude to the Meijer family.
  • I do, every time. He didn’t have to earmark monies toward it. Very nice man.
  • Meijers Thrifty Acres was the original name
  • I found an old ad that had that name on it from the 70’s. Wife posted it on a FB page. People commented on the ‘ham flavored meat.’
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