Storing hers in basement

It is colder there but slightly damp. Had rust form on table of my bandsaw after
a long time of unuse. What could I do to Trike to help it survive several
months in basement? Run a fan? Grease boom?


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    A dehumidifier would take moisture out of the basement. There is also a product call Damprid that will take moisture out of the air. I used it here in Florida in my interior bathrooms.

    I would think it would be better to eliminate the moisture than do something to the trike.
  • We used a dehumidifier in a previous life, in a previous locale, where da ground was clay. It held the moisture. Will have to look into a de-
  • Does your basement have heat vents and return air vents as a part of the HVAC System for proper air circulation throughout the basement. That along with a built in dehumidifier on the furnace will do wonders for preventing dampness. Dampness in a basement causes a multitude of problems, some of which are health related.
  • I asked her if she thought ours was damp and she didn’t think so. Hers is still in back porch. Honda and Minnkota are still on da boat. 2” of snow o’er night. March is only 3 months off. Back porch gets cold but not below 32. Worry I have is about tires. Drying out.
  • Furnace is 12 years old. A spot near washer/dryer has a vent blowing heat towards floor. Cool is summer for wood
    working. Get out of heat upstairs. Old house. Almost 100. Old windows. Super cross ventilation year round.
  • As long as the basement doesn't flood or you get a break in the water/sewage line it should survive.

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  • Finn59
    If your basement is anything like mine the humidity gets high in the summertime and drops a lot in the winter. I run a dehumifier from late April to mid October. Do not need it in the winter. I have a battery operated humidity meter running year round and when it hits 45% RH or higher I set the dehumidifier to kick in. With humidity levels at 45% or less I do not run into rusting of cast iron, smelly mold etc. So before you spend the $ for a remedy maybe you should know the humidity levels.
  • I’ll get a meter set up down there. Never seen the need for one but now, yes. Think the tires will be ok there? No drying out?
  • Dry rot tires usually happens from uv exposure(sun) or ozone. I had some bike tires stashed in my cellar for over 10 years with just getting dusty.
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