Rack I built



  • We use one ratchet strap over the seat
    and under the rack to hold Trike in place. We lock the brakes as well. Never had an issue using that method.
  • On what trail is the photo that you posted on Nov 14th? We live in Michigan and get around to quite a few of the Michigan trails, but, am always looking for new adventures and/or recommendations.
  • If the photo showed Vicki behind me, it is the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail. Starts at McMillan Rd. Small parking lot there. They are prepping that trails’ extension to the south, prob adding two more miles to it. This fall was the completion date. Needs to be paved next. It has been prepped with gravel.
  • I swear, half the trails in Michigan start with "Fred Meijer". That man (and now his family) have done so much for Michigan biking.
  • Is that the same family that owns the grocery stores? I had never heard of them until I took a trip to Ohio.
  • Yes. Meijer grocery chain started in Greenville, MI. I think they HQ in Grand Rapids now, and Western and some of Eastern MI are covered in trails that the family paid to build or were otherwise instrumental in making happen.

    I tend to believe that had it not been for early trails, perhaps WizWheels would never have started in business. If I'm right, then we may all owe a debt of gratitude to the Meijer family.
  • I do, every time. He didn’t have to earmark monies toward it. Very nice man.
  • Meijers Thrifty Acres was the original name
  • I found an old ad that had that name on it from the 70’s. Wife posted it on a FB page. People commented on the ‘ham flavored meat.’
  • I was wondering if you knew where to buy the u channel you used to build your rack.
  • If u went to a welding shop u may find the materials there. I was going to ask our local place how much a steel one would coast to weld up. They never
    completed the rack I asked them to make for me last summer. I am just a lowly B Q Public and it was not a repeating source of cash for them. I could buy the steel from them and bolt it together myself. I had the alum about the property so I did ok with it. Look online at Depot and Lowe’s as well.
  • Just make sure you buy wide enough channel material for your tires to drop
    into :)
  • I may mount wands onto last channel that will pivot and lay down so Trike can be loaded. Then pivot back upright. Could put Noodles on them for added
    vis when we are riding.
  • FLA- why did you buy an Alpaca? I just watched a video. I thought there was a
    Auto-lift on that thing. I could never do that four times per trip. If you had a younger person with, let them load the trikes. Sell it and build one like mine. Tools are a hand drill/bit and socket set.
    Best feature is I can move channels if
    I didn’t place channels where I needed
    them to be. Aluminum won’t rust but
    the steel tube under would so it needs to be painted. When do you want me to build one for you? It will save your back, so you can ride til you are 110.
  • Is the czech in da mail nyet?
  • What are wands,sorry to be so dumb. I was think of and piece on end with hinges to make a ramp as lifting may be a problem. I'm new at this.Just got my rover last sat. Found a carrier with ramp system but was $640.00 and a third ramp for no lifting was extra,even though it was advertised as a no lift carrier.
  • Like on the ends of a snowplow blade. Shows the driver where the ends are. I would use it as a item other drivers can see when they back out if they are parked next to me. For $33 on eBay I could add an item to pivot rack to a vertical position. That makes sense too as I am getting low on aluminum channel pieces.
  • FLA bound will have me build a rack for her and will pick it up when she comes to Michigan this summer for Da Big Party thrown by TT in Grand Rapids.
    Maybe have a buyer for her Alpacca here to help her out.
  • That's a good plan Finn. I think about it. So what have you got to carry my kayak to the beach?

    If you get one person on each of the front wheels, the trike isn't hard to lift onto the Alpaca. I don't always have someone else around.
  • I ave a 6x10’ aluminum trailer for our yaks. Used it last year to tote trikes from cabin to Lake Michigan shore in Northern Michigan. Have to lake yaks diagonal and stack em so they fit.
  • From the car to the beach I have nada. We have Moken 10’s, made by Feel Free out of NZ. They ave a built in ‘wheel in the keel’ that rolls nice on pavement and hardback sufaces. Frozen sand as well. Summer sand nada. It buries so then one is dragging the yak.
  • FLA Bounder- what size receiver do you have on your vehicle ? And what r u driving?
  • I have a Ford Escape with a 2" receiver.
  • @Finn59 what would you charge for a rack? Is it possible to make it so it'll handle a DF as well? (Perhaps on a vertical bar close to the hitch?). I live in Michigan as well, so picking it up wouldn't be an issue.
  • Don’t know. I just asked my wife if she would drive around all season with a rack on her van, one that pivots to vertical when not in use. She answered
    as long as it didn’t rattle much. She doesn’t use her hatch on her van much, only to remove her Trike when we ride. I was thinking to build a second rack, so we have one on each vehicle. Bending over and getting on the ground
    to move rack back n forth is getting old for my knees.
  • Were you looking to carry a DF and a Trike at the same time?
  • I would not add a pivoting bracket. That would be up to you. I don’t want the liability of doing many. A single I could do. They really are quite simple. I wish
    I could weld and had the equipment to do so. I may run to the local stell shop this pm to see what square stock and channel would cost for my 2nd rack.
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    @Finn59 Yes, my wife rides a DF (Electra Townie 21D) and I ride a Rover. We're looking for a hitch rack to handle both. I'm getting a hitch attached to my Focus expressly for the purpose.
  • Gosh. That would stick waay out the back. I just sent a steel company some questions wether I could walk in and buy 4 pces of steel. The thought of going to the other place send my bp and sugar thru the roof. I tried to figure a way to hang a trike from my Masterlock DF rack. Trike would reach
    The ground. And lifting it that far each time discouraged me. Thus I cam up with the low rack. What are you using now and where are you in MI?
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