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Just a quick video using my Rover with Zwift — I have a Kurt Kinetic Smart Control Trainer so the tension increases going up hills and has realistic feel going up and down hills. I also bought an Apple TV - it has a Zwift App built in so you don’t need anything! No smart phone, lap top, etc - I just turn on the TV and select a course or workout and go. Here is the video - lots of fun - let me know if anyone has questions!


  • May I ask as to what the complete set-up runs $$$?
  • Exactly which model of Kurt Kinetic Smart Trainer do you have?
  • My wife and I each have a very similar set up to that of magicmikecat, with a few differences. We were down to a choice between the Kurt Kinetic smart trainer vs. the Cyclops Hammer smart trainer. The Kurt Kinetic is an excellent choice , but ultimately we went the Hammer. I weighed the following features: (to name a few)
    Fly wheel - 20lbs vs. 14.4 lbs
    Resistance wattage - 2,000 vs. 1,800
    Max Simulated Grade - 20% vs 10%
    I can not recall the noise level of the Kurt Kinetic, but the Hammer is 64 decibels at 20 MPH.
    After a little over a year and 1200 virtual miles for me and 700 for her, we are very pleased with the results.

    We permanently mounted two 42" LWD screens nf the wall, so, we can ride side be side. My wife prefers the virtual trails of Zwift while I prefer the video recorded trails on the Cyclops Rouvy app. We use our smartphones as the driving device mounted on a 30" microphone stand with Ram Mount attachments. The smart phone stands to our side for finger tip activation. We did have to install a secondary wireless router in our basement gym for the best internet reception. Our basement gym is just far enough from our upstairs router that we encountered occasional problems with a good connection.

    Anyone who is willing to make the investment and time for set up, and then the commitment to use the equipment will not be disappointed with the results. We leave in two weeks for a week and half of riding in Georgia and we are vigorously using our equipment to be in the best shape possible for eight days (weather permitting) of riding. We truly enjoy the Silver Comet trail in Georgia and the indoor trainers are a great tool for keeping in good riding shape. Living in Michigan with so many great trails for summer use, we use the indoor trainers very little in the summer.
  • @PapaSkisNTrikes how did you handle the wheel size issue with the Hammers? From what I see online, they are designed for 26" wheels?
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    @PapaSkisNTrikes how did you handle the wheel size issue with the Hammers? From what I see online, they are designed for 26" wheels?

    I'm not totally sure that I understand your question. First, our Sportsters have 26" rear wheels, but, in reality that is a moot point, because the wheel is removed and the trike is mounted directly to the trainer. The Hammer trainer has its own 10 sprocket cassette that matches that of the rear wheel that is removed. The spindle is removed from the wheel and used to mount to the trainer.
  • Ahhh . . . I was looking at a different smart trainer, thinking I was looking at the Hammer ones. Thanks.
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