Handle Bar extension

I have this big hand and would like to add 2-3 inches on the end of my handle bar...... anyone know how to do this?



  • Do you know a welder? I have extra handlebars from when I modified mine. The pieces are just sitting in a box. I'd send you them for free. But, you have to find a welder who is willing to work with aluminum.
  • Thanks for the thought. I'll check on the welder. :)
  • TerraCycle might have a solution for you. I'm not sure these will fit, but TerraCycle can probably make a clamp that would fit just about anything. Check it out here: http://t-cycle.com/assist-accessories-c-161/
  • Wooden dowels?
  • HA ....I did use a wooden dowel inside another piece of chrome moly to extend it. Worked great. good minds think alike.
  • So, are the handlebars more comfortable with the extension?
  • I added my extensions vertically, not horizontally. Much more to my liking that way.
  • Please explain. What model trike do you have? Do you have the wide handlebars with the cap on top or the standard handlebars?

    My problem with the wide handlebars was that, when you push the handlebars all the way out, the handles are too far away to be reached. They were also right over the wheels causing injury to my hands. That's why I modified my handlebars to add the top of the standard handlebar to the bottom of the wide ones, adding about 5 inches of height and changing the orientation. When my handlebars are all the way to the side, my handles are easily reachable and very comfortable.

    I had never considered adding to the top of the wide handlebar but it would have worked great if it was stable. Great idea!
  • If you are asking me - I bought a pair of MTB clamp-on bars to mine to create vertical handlebars. Then I moved the brakes over to them. If they had been straight (they are curved) I could have also moved the shifter to them.

  • Awesome! I've never seen those before. I don't often frequent Amazon.
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