RAT Question, overall height needed

Ok, winter will be over soon. And since selling my Rambler X30 its time for a new trike. I am considring the Gran tourismo and RAT. the RAT being my first choice. My question for you RAT owners is this, the height of the trike at its highest point from ground up. I assume that will be top of seat. You see I take my trike all over to ride in the back of my Chrysler town and country, seats folded down in back. The X30 fit with room to spare, I want to make sure a RAT can fit and be taken with me. The clearance from floor to roof of van is my concern.

I would be interested in comments on both models to. I like the gran tourismo, so its not 100 percent on the RAT yet. I like having the trike and want to get right back into riding as soon as weather permits.

Thanks for any help, Glenn


  • YES!! NO worries Glen my wife has a T&C {Grandma's van}, and my Rat fits perfectly LOTS of room to spare!
  • You can recline seat too, right? Unless
    you have a rack back there affixed in spots.
  • To answer your question, my RAT is 33 inches tall. That will change depending on seat angle, but this gives you a start. It fits into my RAV4.
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    Thanks iron man. It's appreciated.

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    Finn, thanks, I am considering a rack and fender set to.

  • Gordon, thank you. The magic number. This about seals the deal for getting the RAT. I was going to put 24" tires and rims on the X30. But decided (I think) the RAT is overall better.

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    How do you fellas like them? I never saw one in person, but somehow knew that between all conditions where I ride this is the trike for me. Covers ALL the bases. I should get some patches or t shirts made. RAT RIDERS.

  • I bought the TT rack same day as the Rover. Once on, and she found the sweet spot for her seat, nothing had to move. Hers fits inside the Ford Windstar with the rear bench seat re-
  • Gordon_O, how does your trike fit lengthwise in the RAV4? I have a 2010 Ford Escape (old design) and after putting the 24" wheels and tires on my Rover, it won't fit inside. I've tried angles and everything but it just won't make it. I have the main boom all the way in so there's no other way to make it shorter.
  • One thing I noted about the specs for the RAT is the low end GI is better for climbing hills and off road. 13 GI low end!
  • terratrike done good for a climbing machine with the all-terrain. nobody else out there has an equal off-the-floor dual-purpose machine.

    not being available at the time, had my rat-rover, 24-inch kenda flames up front, 20-inch rear knobby, nexus hub, patterson drive for 13 g.i. low end. night and day difference for an old man with bad knees climbing the local slopes.
  • Good posts fellas. Enjoying it. We need a RAT you tube ride. Or demonstration. Who wants to make one? For as nice a ride as the RAT is, there's no you tubes to be found on it. Ok, who's brave and looks like a movie star? Lol

    How about some RAT pics, some custom ideas.

  • Glenn,

    After my first my first 100 miles on my RAT I added a review to this forum:



    In my RAV4 hybrid the back tire is against the rear hatch while the pedals just
    barely stick between the front seats. Comfortable fit, not spatious.

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    Gordon, I read that a few times over from when it first came out. Frankly it was great and kept the fire burning in me. Thanks for 're posting here on this thread.

    I was just compelled to read it again. Yes sir, great write up. Oh, we are about the same engine, but my engine is about 30 pounds heavier. That's why I ride

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