Warm Weather Coming

Just saw a report saying 70s are coming to the east coast and we are expecting 70s all week with some rain. But, you have to understand that most weather forecasters in Florida say there is a chance almost every day and they usually are right. But, you have sunshine soon after the rain.

If you're looking to escape the cold and snow, come on down. The Florida Gulf Coast is beautiful in the spring and there are more family spring breakers than teens and college students. If you are hoping for a trike riding vacation, I understand there are great trails near Orange Beach AL.


  • Grrrrr . . . Brrrrr! . . . . Grrrrrr
  • Rain Monday and Tuesday here in west
    Michigan. 50 Tuesday. Friday dry and 40. Maybe ride a few then. If rains finish off the last of the snows on path. Yippee riding in February. It will pile up
    again if I ride, I know it.
  • So, I see you guys have been online today rather than outside. It's a beautiful,sunny 75 degrees here. I thought about taking the kayak out for a spin but may ride instead. I love this part of Florida. We get 6 months of spring and fall.
  • tis indeed a joy to be out and about this time of year this part of florida.

    tempered, however, by the thought of all too soon june, july, august and september drip-dry sweatbox months approaching. bit cumbersome, that portion of the year, trying to figure out how best to lash a coupla gallons of gatorade to the trike.

    aside from issues of skin cancer and public decency, easier to layer up in winter then layer off in florida summers. almost has me thinking studded tires in yankeeland most of the year wouldnt be such a bad thing after all.
  • High 60's in Alabama today so I got in a short ride between rainstorms ... puddles on every trail. Ordering the fenders tonight.
    Had to go off trail to do a 180 turn and lost traction in the wet grass. Had to dismount to push back to the pavement. Next rear tire will have tread. A tandem without a stoker gets NO traction at rear.
  • 80's Tuesday thru Friday this week.
  • Sunny mid 40’s for Saturday. Going to look at part of the trail today to see how
    much snow remains. Rain this pm and tomorrow should wash most away.
  • @JamesR I did see an image once of a guy who strapped a huge (football team style) gatorade cooler onto their rear rack with a sip tube from a hydro-flask going around to his mouth. :-)
    @Florida_bound you keep making me green with envy. STOP! You're killing me, you know that?!?!?
  • Yeah, but in summer they will be wearing the atmosphere down there.
  • It is cloudy and humid today. I even considered turning the A/C on.
  • I need ALOT of help from above in order to ride Saturday.
  • 85F and bright sunshine in PCB this aft. Lovely ride this am. Azaleas are popping out all over. Return to the frozen north is looming.... shudder
  • Also, the oak trees are dropping their leaves and spewing pollen which has me staying indoors some and taking a lot of allergy medicine. The car definitely needs a wash!
  • @Finn59 where are you located again?
  • Muskegon
  • Ahh. That puts you on the same horizontal as me, but you get lots more lake effect. Enjoy!
  • 90” this winter so far. A lot of grass showing now though. Yippee!
  • All of our/His snow is gone from our yard. Makes me wonder about the bike trails I saw covered yesterday. Mid to upper 50’s today prior to cold front. Spring is close...
  • Get you snow blower out on the trail. You'll get it clean in no time.
  • I DID mention that to me wife the other day!
  • If I lived nearby and had a riding tractor, I would have blade cleaned trail already. “No Motorized Vehicles” the
    signs say where bike path meets roads. But snowmobile tracks are seen both on and off the paved trail. Snowmobilers cannot read in Michigan.
  • Currently on St George Island, FL riding nearly every day. But the 90+% humidity we have had daily, is killing every joint in my body. Still, I have at least been able to ride most everyday. I head to the French Quarters in New Orleans, Sunday.
  • edited February 26
    We had one day 68 last week, a tease here in New Jersey. We are finally getting into high 40's mid 50's. Winters on the way out. Cool at night but no one rides then. Ready to order my new trike.

  • Was 75 degrees this morning when I rode. Completed a new personal best of 21 miles. I think that u-bolt solution is helping with the seat movement. Then I rewarded myself with an hour in the pool. Retirement here in Florida is tough but somebody has to do it so I picked me.
  • 51 here in west Michigan so I went out for 4 miles in the 20 mph wind. Stopped riding in November and never though I’d be out this soon. It’s a start. My wife thought it was too cold. We got hers outside and she rode a block or two then we put it in her van for the season ahead. Now we will see snow on Thursday :s
  • Does this look warm? We sailed the iceboat yesterday in northern Michigan.
  • Cedar Lake? Long Lake? Not the east bay!?
  • Ice in background looks questionable. Didn’t see anyone fishing back there either. Great image. Love the reflection.
  • Did you guys go see the blue ice near Mackinaw?
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    Ice in background looks questionable. Didn’t see anyone fishing back there either. Great image. Love the reflection.

    That is Elk Lake and the ice is not questionable, it's mostly over eight inches thick. With us zipping around at speeds into the 60's mph the ice fishermen don't fish in this part of the lake.
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