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Those who own a Rambler All-Terrain trike, how are the handlebars working for you. Are your hands close to the tires? Do you have standard or wide handlebars?

I put 24" wheels and tires on my Rover then put the wide handlebars and found I was hitting the tires with my hands. I thought that was a dangerous situation. I combined my wide and standard handlebars to make ones that were taller. But, I think the orientation is irritating a bad shoulder. I was thinking about buying a second set of wide handlebars.

What do you think?


  • I have a RAT with the standard handle bars that come with it. Initially, I was concerned about how close to the tires my fingers were. If I deliberately stretched, my fingers could touch the tires. Only a couple times while riding did my fingers accidentally brush the moving tires. No harm done, but I got in the habit of keeping my fingers loosely curled around the handle bars when not using the brakes.
    When winter arrived here in Wisconsin, I started wearing cross country ski mittens. They stick out beyond the ends of my fingers so they occasionally brushed the tires. No harm was done to the mittens.
    Then in two weeks I had two flat tires. I hate patching tires when it is below 30 F, so both times I called my wife to come and get me with the SUV. But I hate getting flat tires! So I replaced the 24x2.10 Smart Sam tires with 24x1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. Inflated, the new tires are 3/4 inch shorter than the original tires. Now it seems like the tires are a long way from my hands! A little change seems like a lot more.
    By the way, I really like the Marathon Pluses. The more aggressive tread on the Sams rumbled and would whine when above 15 mph. Also, going down hills at 25 mph with the Sams seemed less steady. Any bump could cause the trike to drift sideways. The Marathon Pluses are silent and rock steady. They feel much more solid and are just as fast.
    I don't know if this helps, but it is my experience with my first 800 miles on a Rambler All Terrain. Gordon
  • I don't have an issue with hitting my fingers on the tires. I have more of an issue going through gates with the grips outside of the tire line.
  • I have the stamdard handlebars and have had my fingers hit the tires. Plan on putting fenders on as soon as available.
  • I join the no problems group. I am 5'8' short fingers. The fenders sound like a solution!

    Best Ratin'
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