How does one securely transport a Mandolin on the Rover?

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Last December I picked up playing the mandolin. Lovely instrument. On Saturdays I ride to church and there are times when some of us jam after potluck. And there are going to be times when I'd like to ride to the park and play, or down a trail.

At some point I saw a Tour II with an instrument case mounted on the side, however have not seen that photo in some time. Mandolins are relatively light weight but the cases can weigh up to 12 pounds, and trying to find a way I can carry the Weber Y2K on the Rover, safely & securely.


@chonk - have any sounds ideas on carrying musical instruments on your trikes?



  • How thick is the case and the diameter of the neck on it? And the length, over-all?

    This may or may not work for you: I have one, and it barely fits my largest tripod in it with the end pockets opened up.

    This pannier has two zippered pockets, one on each end. The only issue with it is there isn't any dividers separating any part of the pannier. And it's not very thick, over-all. Depending on how thick the case is, it might not fit.

    Any other pannier without a top (like a grocery bag style) would also probably work.
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    29 inches long
    13 inches wide at bottom & 7 inches at top
    4.5 inches thick at bottom & 4 inches thick at top
    20 inches top girth over buckle, 32.5 inches girth at bottom over buckle/hinge

    Problem with TT bags is they give no dimensions main storage or pockets.

    The ukulele wasn't that big of a deal since was light in weight, strapped in a soft case and suspended between the fiberglass poles. This mandolin case is the heavy part at 11 pounds. ;)

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  • Think I solved the issue. Bought a Seagull S8 Mandolin with its own gig bag. MUCH lighter and not as bulky, and sounds great!

    Here's a reasonable facsimile of what mine looks like.

    Not gotten out to ride yet. Still in the 50's, lot of wind, and a lot of rain.

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  • Think it could ride where the ukelele did, between the two fiberglass rods. And the gig bag had a small stripe of reflective material on the top facing edge. Maybe it was meant for the recumbent traveling life. ;)

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  • I see a Sweetwater sticker on that case. That company is where I live. That place is unreal. The owner of that company started out of the back of a VW van which is on display in the lobby of the main building. Their recording studios there are considered some of the best in the country.
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