Patterson transmission on a Rambler

I'm a new Rambler/Nuvinci owner and am considering a Patterson transmission for it. Interested in comments from anyone who has done it.


  • done that twice although on a nexus-8 rover and derailleur-type rambler.

    a consideration is the nuvinci driving/driven sprocket ratio spec of 2.1, torque limitation thing. warranty void: "- caused by the use of parts that are not compatible, suitable and/or authorized by Fallbrook for use with the product"

    electric assist limits of 250 watts for the 330, 350 watts for the 380 suggests, unless you are a young tarzan, you would probably be ok with a patterson. more conservative route with the patterson would be its optional 32-tooth chainring with equivalent 52 teeth in high gear against the 20-tooth rear, balanced over/under kinda thing. definitely climb and speed better than the stock nuvinci setup.
  • @JamesR, I have installed a 24" wheel and NuVinci 380 on my wife's TT Traveler. She loves the NuVinci & the 24" wheel, but, she really needs more low end. I believe her Traveler came with a 36 tooth front chain ring, and a call to Fallbrook resulted in them telling me I should not use anything larger than a 20 tooth on the rear. They claim that it may be OK for 800 to 1000 miles, but tests have shown that violating the 2.1 torque limitation have resulted in CVT failure at the 800 to 1000 mile mark. I don't mind purchasing a Patterson or the like if there is a work around. Any suggestions?
  • @TrikeBirder - i would repeat this post at the bentrider technical section where some interesting engineering and builder types hang out.

    basic patterson 28/45 would meet the high-end torque spec. that your fallbrook consult said limit the rear sprocket teeth while apparently not addressing chainring reduction is an interesting omission. might be worth another call there to ask about keeping under their max torque value.

    dont know, suspect the power band of the nuvinci is so narrow that either side of the 2.1 limit is going to result in ill behavior.

    part of the joy in modifying a trike is suffering the consequences. over-torque is probably destructive, under-torque maybe not so, but smaller chainring or rear wheel is the only way i can see to achieve better hill climbing.

    kinda curious 350 watts assist is ok on the n380 but exceeding 2.1 ratio is not.
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