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One the way home my Rover came off my rear rack. I was turning left off of east bound to go back west. Going Under ten mph and less that two feet off the pavement. Tie rod is not repairable I believe. Don’t know how the ratchet strap came free of rack. Not riding til it’s replaced. Haven’t sold my Diamondback yet.


  • Bend it as straight as you can and redo the front wheel alignment.
  • sympathies! my 2nd rover came about when it departed the back of a gents pickup on i-75. he got a good deal at the lbs on a new bionx-equipped rambler, i got a good deal on a scratched frame.

    give terratrike tech support a call for pricing. might be prudent to get the tube along with rod-ends, bolts, spacers.
  • I’m sitting here trying to figure out how it came off. And all I can figure is it and the strap slid to the right off the trays as I turned left. It landed on right side. Left wheel spins fine. Right bracket that the caliper mounts to its bent. Rear wheel has a wobble to it now. Can a shop determine if it needs to be trued, or is it a bent rim. Good time for the wx to go down the toilet as it’s going to be awhile b4 I Trike agane..
  • I ratchet around the channels and the seat. And I put some pressure on it too. Had both brakes on as well. Next time I take it anywhere a will have wood chocks in the channel held in place with screws, and the ratchet going left and right of the center reciever tube.
  • Never would have guessed the tie rod was hollow. Bent back fine in the vise on the work bench. Thought it was solid metal. Then again, how would a solid steel/aluminum rod bend from such a short fall. Thanks for the input.
  • Wish you lived near, I'd have you bring it by to look at it and your rear wheel. "maybe" it could be straightened and you would only have to re-do the alignment.
  • I have a similar problem with speed bumps. There are 3 between my son's house and mine. My trike was hanging by only straps by the time I got home. So, the Alpaca Carrier isn't any more secure.
  • I’ve learned. It only takes once. ( unless I’m already at that age where I forget )
    I wonder if I weakened the tie rod in that spot by bending it back. Tube still looks round. No kinks. Still going to get a price on new parts.
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    Read where I can take tire off, loosen spokes and lay rim on flat surface to determine if rim is bent, or if it just
    needs to be trued.
  • Hmm. But what would McGyver do?
  • Are you sure your straps are holding ? Possibly loosening under road vibration ? You had straps loosen before if I remember correctly with a trike on the lid.
  • Makes me wonder, yes. Had the trikes move on the cap last October driving to Mackinaw City from Vanderbilt. Is there a better ratchet to look for where the material/strap is a different fabric? Not so nylon? These I have will work when we use our trailer. I’ll try a diff type of strap and weave the strap around the channels better. Wood chocks in channels will be added to.
  • First time Trike has moved an inch on rack. Ratchet has always stayed tight.
  • I would figure out a way to fasten the tires directly to the channel to prevent them from hopping out.
  • Holes in side walls of channels to put pins thru from one side to the other, than go on top of rims. If there WAS play, spokes could be endangered.
  • Use a belt w a buckle and velcro around rim and channel 1.5 x18 to 24 in. Works perfect
  • $35 for a new tie rod. I passed. Bent mine back gently. New part came today. Weather will prevent riding for a week. No rush. Have to see if rear rim
    is bent.
  • Leather belt could hold tires/wheels in place. Why that length though? Shorter will work.
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    $35 for a new tie rod. I passed. Bent mine back gently. New part came today. Weather will prevent riding for a week. No rush. Have to see if rear rim
    is bent.

    Don't forget to do a front wheel alignment. quick and easy to check.
  • That is to be one of the first things I will do. We still had power this am. What surprised me was the 4-6” of wet snow. 1/8” of ice as well. Surprised she was able to back out of drive with her FWD. triking will be pushed back a week. 50’s
    by weeks end they almost promise.
  • flight cancelled
  • This was for Monday or Tuesday? Out of TVC? Sorry to hear that.
  • Todays flight from TVC cancelled, rescheduled for Wed. In the past ten years we've had appx. 50% of our flights cancelled due to weather, seems like one every year.
  • Sucks to live in a place that has real weather, doesn't it?
  • Forecasts are for improving conditions with a strong warming trend by Tuesday. However haven't said which Tues, in which week, in which month.
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    Jrobiso2 wrote: »
    Sucks to live in a place that has real weather, doesn't it?

    As much as we participate in winter outdoor activities there are occasions I wish we lived elsewhere. Today is one.
  • 3 stage had all it could handle, just trying to clear end of drive where city plows filled in. Thought I saw some FL
    sand mixed in as well.
  • Back to the tie gently bending it back, am I prolonging an eventual break? Was it weakened? Did I make it worse bending it back?
  • might be a heat-treated part - good question for an experienced mech engr.

    front tires can get scrubbed in a hurry if the straightened tie-rod does not hold true, be worth the effort to do frequent toe-in checks if kept.
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