Rochester, NY area

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Hi All,

We ride in the Rochester, NY area. Three women on TT Cruisers and occasionally 1 young man on a TT Rover.

Anyone interested in riding with our group contact me.

Caryl :P


  • Bryan Ball from lives in Rochester and rides daily.
    He is not only a great guy but a great resource.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • Thanks Chonk,

    I am a very active member of (cmcdar) BROL and know of Bryan plus a few others in my area.

    I actually already ride with a small group of TerraTrike owners (3 Cruisers and 1 Rover)and am extending an offer to anyone else in our area who would like to join us.

  • Wow, it's really strange to find trike riders from my old home town for more than 20 years. Bet you guys ride alone the canal, which I use to do for many many years but with a two wheeler. Now that I have my new trike down here in Georgia, there is no place like that canal that I miss so much. Well take good care. And I have an 8 speed Rover.
  • Hi Kirby,

    YES, we are fortunate to have the canal path here PLUS we have miles and miles of other off road trials.

    For any interested in Rochester, NY trals check out this link:

    Happy Triking!
  • Hello guys,
    I`m a rover should be here next tuseday..Was supposed to be here yesterday but driver on drugs and ended up 35 miles north frm me..So hope that they are on the ball next week..I live about 35 miles south west of buffalo so maybe I`ll get to Rochester for some riding as soon as I this trike thing a little..Looked at the TT website and read some of it and ordered my Rover just wished that I had read the Whole thing first..A lot of information if you look for it..As I`m a ham I`ll be trying to put a mobile station on board(2meter) to start..And I have a few things to figure out such as power for the radio and lights but I think that I can get it to work.. and I`m a train nut so maybe I`ll chase some trains with the rover.. till the next time Happy Thanksgiving..Dynodon
  • Hi Carol,
    I'm delighted to know that among only three posts for all of New York state, one is from Rochester. I live in Brockport about five miles from the canal, and plan to ride on the path when my trike arrives in about a week. I enjoy your pictures; most seem to have been taken on the canal path, but some appear to be in a park of some kind. Tell me all your good riding places!
    My wife and I are both recovering from knee replacement surgery, which is part of the reason (excuse?) I bought the trike. I'd like to be part of your group, as soon as I am ready for it. My email address is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->, and I would enjoy hearing from you.
  • Hi any new rides coming up? b4 the snow flies? and where as I am frm Arcade Ny Thanks DynoDon
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