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I bought a computer( cat eye) for Terratrike path 8. But i didn,t have mount for the sensor and i called terratrike people and they immediately sent me one in an envelope for free( in two days). now my cat eye computer works perfectly and i clocked on a flat terrain maximum speed of 19 mile/per hour on fourth gear. I really like path 8, it takes some time to adjust the seat ( recline position) that is most comfortable. Now i enjoy my path 8 every day. Any suggestion from you guys regarding how to increase the speed of path 8. May be upgrading to 26 wheel will help a lot in speed enhancing. Any good suggestion to increase speed.


  • upgrade to higher pressure tires if you haven't already...the stock tires are 40 psi...get 100 psi tires...I noticed a difference in speed and ride quality after doing so...
    get bent and be content...
  • I my self thought about a 26 in. kit as well. Then I found out that it is not possible. Bummer!!! After a while of thought; decided to change the front crank to a 48/38/28 tooth crank kit. I had to get other parts yes this is true. Front derailer, cable, & thumb shifter. After moving the grip shifter to the left handle bar. I cut the grip to install the thumb shifter! After a few tweaks ur on the road again! Check with ur local bike shop for the parts.
  • Have you both thought about a new hub lie the N360
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