microshift problems?

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Hi all, my best friend just got a Tour II and she has a problem. The twist grips for the microshift are so tight that she can't twist them. I'm a big guy and even I can't twist them to change gears. Is this a common issue with the Microshift system? I really don't want to have to go out and replace things on a brand new trike.


  • Hi. I was just going to contact TerraTrikes about this same issue I am having as well. I have no problems shifting gears from 8-6 (I have an 8 speed) but forget about twisting it down through 5-1st, It is imposable and I feel as if I'm going to twist the shifter right off the handle! I'm going to write them soon and I'll post what they say.
  • Hi vermincelli (and anybody else :) ).
    I was just looking for information regarding this issue and came across this topic on adjusting the gears/shifter - viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1005&p=4709&hilit=shifter#p4709 - I also checked out this Video (which is in the TerraTrike video section) : http://www.terratrike.com/manuals.php Its the "Adjusting a Sturmey Archer Hub
    (With Darth Maul)" Video. Its all for the Rambler/Rover but I think the principle is the same for the Tour II. I don't know if this is the issue we are having but its worth the look and adjustment.
    Happy Triking and good wishes :).
  • Good referencing with the link. As always, feel free to give us a call BEFORE you twist the shifter off :D Our techs would be happy to talk to you and give you some suggestions.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • I will be getting a tour II and am thinking about ordering it with bar end shifters. I hope this would make it easier to shift gears than the twist shifters.
    Does anyone have an opinion on this.
  • I'm thinking of getting the bar end shifters as well. I do have the Tour II. I find the twist bar shifters at least for me are difficult. Perhaps its the tightness issue I am having? One big issue is that the little window which tells you what gear you are on is all the way on the bottom of the handle and when I sit down it is very difficult to see. I'm sure once I get use to the shifting that I'll probably not need to actually see the number display but for now I really need to see it. I went into a shop the other day to see about the problems I am having with the tightness of the shifter (read above) and it was going to cost me $60/hr labor but if I get the thumb shifters it will only cost me $80 total and they can do all the adjusting of the gears and hopefully fix the gear shifting tightness! So I figure why not :) also the trike I saw in the store with the thumb shifters looked really nice.
    Hey Rae if you do get the Tour II, you'll be very happy with it I think. I am totally happy! It is a great bike at a fantastic price. I was thinking of getting the Ice brand and was shopping all over the place but the prices were $$$. Then I found TerraTrikes and the Tour II and was sold on it. The Tour II build/Frame is very much like all the other more expensive brands (or very similar) which is what I was looking for, low sporty kind of build. I figure in time I can upgrade the Tour II with higher gears and whatnot (I have the 8 speed) and get it up to where the more expensive trikes are but do it the way I like it :). And save lots of $$.
  • My Rover 8 was very hard to downshift too. I went to the video mentioned earlier in this thread and did the adjustment with the yellow dot in the little window. I can now downshift quite easily so when I need a lower gear it is just click, click, click and I just keep on trikin'. Hopefully that is all you need.

    As a new owner I have already learned the folks at Terra Trike will address your concerns and help you alleviate the problem so just give em a call.

    Do things right! Do right things!
  • Thanks NelRay for sharing your experience on the adjustments! :D I love when people let others know when things go good in their own trials and testings. It helps so much all of us out here :) . Unfortunately unless I'm totally blind my Tour II is different then the Rambler/Rover and I do not have that little opening with the yellow dot anywhere on my Cassette which will allow me to adjust it accurately? I think what I am going to do is just go ahead and have the thumb shifters put on and then the shop can adjust my gears for me at the same time. I will confirm that TerraTrikes is a GREAT company! When ordering my Tour II I choose the wrong size Boom and TerraTrikes was so incredible on working with me on this issue. Sent out a new size free of charge! BIG thanks and hello to Kelli :D !!!!! I've also had many questions answered by Kelli in such a fast response time my head is spinning! Please don't get tired of my questions Kelli :lol: But seriously though I have been on such a learning fast track about Trikes and loving every minute of it! Now tomorrow I'm off to get the Boom installed at the shop, silly me thought I could install it myself but discovered you need special tools to take off the crank as well as shorten the chain. Did I say I was on a learning fast track? :lol:
  • Mine are tight but not too much a problem, I just grip it differently.. I kind of like how one direction is easier to twist than the other direction, so I can remember which way to shift (on the back it's harder to shift to a lower gear). I haven't counted the gears to see if it shifts all of them on the back as far as I recall.
    It would be nice if they were like normal shifters. On the right side I usually grip so that my ring or middle finger is on the shifter, the pinky is not strong enough to grip to shift up (down is ok). Maybe some special lubrication will fix it.
  • I had mine assembled with BE shifters and the rear would barely move at first. The shop owner quickly pulled the cable out, lubed appropriately, reassembled, and it's been perfect for 1400 miles. Any rear derailleur requires a little tweak now and then, though; I even stopped at a hillcrest this morning and did some tuning. I also realized this morning that if you're turning hard right the chain will pull laterally on the derailleur causing a tough of noise, just as if you started a downshift. It sounds like the rear derailleur is out of adjustment, but it's just a physics thing. With a leaning bicycle, the chain tension is always pretty much straight down and not side to side.

    Bottom line: before you get crazy over shifter that don't work right, lube the cables and derailleurs properly.
  • I have just purchased a Tour II and I have been wondering about the shifters myself. At this point, I have only the experience of having test ridden, but I have been wondering about some other shifters. i currently have a bike with thumb shifters that change gears with each "click" which seems unlike the shifters on the bike I just ordered. It seems that the current shifters move the derailuers like the old fashioned shifter on my old racing bike where the shifters are on the down tube and you move them until you feel the shift take place and when the noise stops you know that you have moved the chain just right. So I am wondering if there are "click" shifters for the tour II?


  • Hi Randel, old fashioned shifting is called friction, and click shifting is called index. Most bikes/trikes have index shifting for the back gears, but to get index on the front shifters will generally require an upgrade.


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