Trikers in CSRA?

edited October 2013 in Georgia
Looking for recumbent trike riders in the CSRA in the Augusta/North Augusta vicinity.


  • Hello - I drove to Greenville today - test drove a Rover 8 and brought it home - I live here in the Augusta area - I plan to go for my first ride tomorrow -- hope you are enjoying yours - :D

  • Welcome, Tammy! I've been low on gas, so riding around my house...not nearly as much fun! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I forgot my password. :roll: I hope you enjoy your trike as much as I've enjoyed mine! Want to meet up for a ride in a couple of weeks?

    Charlene Gowen
  • Hey again - sure would be fun to meet up - maybe down at Savannah Rapids? I took my trike to ChainReaction yesterday - won't get it back for a week - putting on new wide tires, basket......lights....etc....

    I have actually been little under the weather myself - but as soon as I get it back I want to head down to the bike path down at Savannah Rapids - I live in the area -

    Let me give you my email so we can talk easier - I don't check this forum very much.......i will send private..........

    some of my friends love my trike - but say they can't afford it - it was a good chunk of change - but well worth it - I love being outside on it - even just around my subdivision -

    hope to hear from ya soon - Tammy
  • I just bought a Rambler 2 weeks ago from Chain Reaction!  And yes there is a TerraTrike group.  Jim Meyer sorta heads it up - his e-mail address is: - they are planning a ride in VA on the New River trail the first week-end in October.  I ride the Greeneway 10 miles a day, 6-7 a.m. usually.  Call me if you want to come along - Ken Wilson, 706-831-6930 - email:  I really tricked this bike out...with the upgraded All Road Wheel Package, Tail-light/turn-signal kit, headrest, etc.  I'm just loving it!  No more numb wrists, sore butt, or sore neck/shoulder!  Reading the comments about's a small price to pay for good health & a good clean hobby.  -Ken
  • Ken, 

    Thanks for pointing this out to me.  I didn't know this was on the TerraTrike webpage.

    If there are any trikers in the CSRA and wish to ride with us, just send me an email at

    and I'll add you to distribution.
  • Does the turn light / signal kit work well? Is it bright enough to be seen under sunny conditions?
  • Heya Jeff!

    I'll ride with ya!  Let me know when you are riding or I'll meet you over at the North Augusta Greenway.

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