Waiting for warmer weather

edited April 2012 in Iowa
Hey everyone,

I'm waiting for the warmth of spring to return to really getting into triking again for the season.

I'm wondering who all we have here in the DM area? I think it would be a blast to get a group together to go for a nice ride.

Anyone looking to spend a day on the trails here in IA? Let me know...



  • Also interested and BRAND new to my Terra Trike. I'm looking forward to doing some rides and learning more. Post when you plan on putting a group together. I'd love to join.
  • Hey there New.....

    Right now My Tour in in the shop getting some much needed maintenance and a few upgrades ;)

    My sched is a little unsettled right now but I'm sure excited to get out and ride as much as possible.

    Are you from the DSM area or a slightly further out city? I myself an from Colfax, but I work in DSM and tend to ride the greenbelts north of town alot. I'm always interested in getting people together but it seems very difficult here. You'd think with Barr being the number one trike dealer(I know Dave sells a TON of trikes) that we'd see more of them around.

    If you are ever planning a ride, feel free to kick me an email.

    My address is <!-- e --><a href="mailto:MrHATEnFATE@gmail.com">MrHATEnFATE@gmail.com</a><!-- e -->

    Hope you see you around. :)
  • Spring in Here!!!!!!

    I'm getting my tour back in a couple days and I'M READY!!!

    Anyone else ready?

    lets get an Iowa Group ride setup and get out! I know there's PLENTY of Iowa Trikers out there!!!!
  • I know about waiting for a bike to come back from a Spring tuneup. Since I waited a long time last year, I made an advance appointment this year so that it will only be gone a few days instead of 2 weeks. I guess this is what happens when a dealer goes out of business (Irwins - Dec. 2010) and there are so many bikes in the area. I signed up for the Des Moines Mayors Annual Ride on Saturday April 21. You can sign up at their website: http://www.dmgov.org/Departments/Parks/Pages/MAR2012.aspx. Since this is the 25th year, the route is 25 miles and has already been posted! I plan to get as many rides and miles in before then so that I can get through the entire route. Unfortunately, my next 2 weekends are busy and I will probably ride on short notice when time becomes available. I do not see many organized rides for Central Iowa yet as it is usually a bit colder! I will let you know if I get organized enough for a Sunday afternoon ride on April 15, probably on the High Trestle and Neal Smith Trails on my way home from Ames to Windsor Heights.
  • This weekend anyone? I'm thinking sunday looks like a GREAT day for a trike ride....

    <!-- e --><a href="mailto:MrHATEnFATE@gmail.com">MrHATEnFATE@gmail.com</a><!-- e --> if you're interested.
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