Trike riding group South Central Indiana?>

edited April 2012 in Indiana
Need a group near Bloomington, IN, that won't leave me behind on the way up hills, or insist that I descend at full screaming unbraked speed. Evenings, weekends until 2012, then retirement schedule...


  • Do you have trails there?
    On The Monon
  • Miles and miles of trails. Through town, around town, through the country riding, home of the little 500 (the movie breaking away was filmed here)and the hilly hundred. Some great bike shops, eating places.....awesome place to ride.
    I'm getting my tour II this week. I have a trek bicycle i usually ride. Always a lot of folks out riding.
    I ride for my heath..slow but steady....
  • How about southern indiana? JEFFERSONVILLE, CLARKSVILLE, NEW ALBANY, LOUISVILLE AREA. I see it's been several years since anything has been posted here.
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