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I just got my rambler and have started riding again. just wondering if any other tt riders in north dallas/mckinney area?


  • I'm in south Dallas Area (cedar hill) but I've been looking for someone to ride with. I'm just getting back into riding myself and the people that ride Whiterock are a bit too serious for me at this stage. If you have some free time on Sundays I'd be willing to come up to around the Plano Area or something if you want to meet up. I got my Tour II in January and I am trying to build up so I can take it into work sometimes over the summer.
  • that would be cool. my wife and i have thought about going down to plano area there are plenty of bike paths around there.
  • For all the DFW riders, there is a great place to join up with other riders that IU have been with for many years now.
    http://rbentonline.org/ It is a free to use site. I am in the process of getting a Rambler hopefully in the next month depending on availability. :D I live in Ft.Worth so most of my riding will be on the great Trinity Trails that is a very good off main road paved trail to ride on.
    Another great park area easy to reach from the Cedar Hill area is River Legacy Park north of I-30 in Arlington. It has a large amount of the paved trails shaded by huge trees which is extra nice in the hot summer.
  • I am available to ride anywhere & anytime in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I ride mostly at White Rock and and River Legacy in north
    Arlington. Also ride the Cottonwood Creek trail in Waxahachie and Fish Creek trail in GP/Arlington. I'll come ride with you if you give me a shout. I usually ride alone as I'm an old guy and don't go real fast but would like to meet other trikers.
  • now thqt it isw cooling off some. maybe we could try to find a bike trail that would be central to all of us that we could meet some sunday afternoon and ride. Irving and Richardson have some good bike paths. open to any other ideas.
  • had a 14 mile ride today.. very nice..plan on several more of those and hope to go longer. going uphill feel like a tortoise. downhill another story. was passed by several uprights today they just speed by me. but those guys were all tall and skinny. probably been riding awhile. I have determined my rambler is perfect for exercise and losing weight which was my reason for buying it. and I agree with the exhaust pipe, gets a little bit smelly!! I have gone from 289 pounds to 260 still want to go down some more! very nice little covered road in mkinney. would love to have some other people go for a ride..if you request it I will send a link to a video I made of my morning ride.
  • My wife and son and I just bought new Rovers.  First time riders.  It is a lot of fun. We live in Grand Prairie. My wife has OsteoArthritis in both of her knees and is not very fast but does love to ride. We are riding to try and lose weight and get in better shape. (Round is a shape, right?!?!?)

    Looking for some interesting trails. We have done the C.P. Waggoner/Mike Lewis Park & the Lone Star Trails on Beltline.  Because of the rain  we have been having we haven't had the change to go to River Legacy Park yet but it is on the list.

  • New to trikes after a concussion and broken wrist ruled out my vision recumbent.(accident at work- bike not involved).as I don't have the fine balance and fast reactions a fast recumbent require.  So...found a like new sporster and took the plunge after a couple test rides.  Looks like fun, and I'm in the Mansfield area so lots of paths close by.
  • you are invited The Eiffel Benders (brand new) Lamar County Recumbent Club
    Recumbent Rally--- Ride and Demo
    Come see what recumbents are all about. Try out different kinds of recumbents. Experts from Easy Street Easy Street Recumbents from Austin will be on hand to answer your questions.
    Demo at 9 am---Under the pavilion at Love Civic Center Paris TX
    Ride at 10 am ---on the Trail de Paris Date: July 14 Friday
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