You picked a fine time to leave me loose cable.

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Thursday was riding my Path 8 on the Simon Kenton Trail here in Springfield Ohio and well don't know how but the cable that shift my SA hub came loose again on me. Had to limp it home. Had to get a push up a killer hill and crawl up another smaller hill just to get home. Took me forever to get that damn thing back on. Has this happened to anyone else on here. Are the N360s more reliable than what the SAs are.


  • I feel your pain, Bent. Is this some issue that your LBS could help you resolve -- for good! Surely there's a way to remedy this so it's not a continual problem. Or at least to show you how to fix it quickly by yourself when it happens to you. We have the SA hub on our Rover, too; and the only time the cable came off the hub while riding, I just slipped it over the latch where it goes and got right back to continue the ride.

    I see you're one of the few that's had problems with your local dealer, but I read TT customer service has been good to you. Could you get any help by calling them again about this matter?
  • I also have a Path and I love it. I did have some problems at first and returned to the bike shop a couple of times. They couldn't find anything wrong. I called TerraTrike and we finally figured it out by phone and I fixed it myself. I mean, it ain't rocket science, it's a 3 wheel bicycle. Of course the bike shop guys were all morons. TerraTrike has really good manuals on their website. It would be a good idea to look at the stuff that TT put up for Dealers to use. Evidently the guys at the bike shop couldn't read.
    The problem you describe sounds like a simple cable routing/adjustment thing. Beware of Bike Shops. Call TerraTrike ask to speak to a Tech even though the girl who answers the phone is very knowledgeable too.
  • Well soon I probably won't have to worry about that problem anymore got my grant for the N360 HUB. so the Path 8 will be the Path Infinity. Wish I could find someone to paint the infinity symbol on my Path 8. It's a good trike I love it. Sometimes I just wish I could pass up them DAMN road bikes that don't even let me know when they are passing on my left.
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