Soon to be 24spd Path (using the SA 8spd hub)!

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Just took my path into the LBS to have a derailleur & new crank/chainring set put on the front of my path. I'll be keeping the SA internal 8 on the rear, so I will still be able to shift for the most part while sitting still, but also have more low end gears to help with the mid-western hills around here. I don't have all the details yet as to what they are doing, but as soon as I get it back I'll post pictures. Getting pumped up that it's staying light out longer, it won't be long until I can ride in the evenings again!


  • I picked my newly upgraded Path up from the shop this weekend. For a few Benjamins my stock Path 8 is now a custom Path 24 still using the internal 8 speed hub. Based on my calculations I've gone from a 35" - 109" gear range to a 18" - 102" inch range. I asked them to tune it for more low end to help with the hills around my city. I lost a few gear inches in the high end, but when I get to the point that I actually miss them, I can swap out the third chainring to get them (or more) back. For now the additional low end inches are way more important.

    Along with adding the front derailleur, 3 chainrings, a rear tensioner, and grip shifter for the front derailleur I had them install the steering adjustment from Utah Trikes. It feels like I am riding a completely different trike! It turns on a dime now (the steering adjustment should be stock for all indirect steering models) and I think I could ride up a wall in the lowest gear.

    It did take a little getting used to having to pedal to change gears in front while not peddling to shift the rear, but after about 5 minutes it feels very natural. The only downfall to the whole operation is it is going to make changing the rear tire even more difficult due to the addition of the rear chain tensioner. I may have to look into the liner inner tube, but for now hopefully the slime will keep that headache away.

    All said, this was the best couple hundred bucks I've spent since buying the Path. Thank you Terratrike for making such a versatile platform as the Path, that can be upgraded exactly as needed. I'm glad I got one while they lasted. I will post some pictures once the sun decides to grace us with it's presence on a weekend.
  • Hello, Ito have a path 8/24 spd. What size chain rings did u go with? I have 48/38/28. Personally I love my gears more now!
  • Hi,
    I am planning to do the same to my path, but I want to use the parts that I have from doner bikes. Can you post some pictures (lots & lots of pictures) of your finished conversion & explain what work was done? Some questions that I have are:
    Chainring sizes used?
    How did the derailleur fit the front post?
    How is the cable housing terminated in front?
    What size rear tensioner was used?
    Any problem mounting the tensioner?

  • Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I will take some pics and try to post them ASAP.
  • This is to all who modify their TT. Be careful not to exceed the factory chain ring tooth count . My S/A 8 spd developed a problem and TT said they will NOT honor my warranty because I modified it. For this reason I am the happiest of trikers. So I called S/A and explained to them what happened . The good news S/A said they would help me!
  • Did you ever price the N360 hub.
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