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Owner is not sure of the year. He is asking 800.00- I was thinking of offering 650.00 prepared to pay 700.00- What should I look for in a used trike? Any help is appreciated.



  • 1. Check for wear on the rear cassette and front chainrings. That'll give a vague idea of how far it's been ridden.
    2. Check the condition of the chain - clean, oiled, flexible. This will give a basic idea of whether routine maintenance has been performed.
    3. Check the wheels for trueness and rim damage. Lift trike and spin wheel - does it wobble? If it does, is it spoke-related or rim-related? It could also be bearing-related but that's harder to tell.
    4. Seat condition - ripped, torn, just worn from use? Is it secure?
    5. Do the gears shift smoothly and reliably? Are the derailleurs in good condition/bent?
    6. Do the brakes work? Squeal? Is there evidence of brake steer?
    7. Check the kingpins. Tight - loose?
    8. Check the entire trike for rust/general appearance. Indicates overall maintenance attitude of previous owner/was it stored inside-outside? Is anything bent? (Has it ever been wrecked/rolled/jumped?
    9. Check the rubber. Is wear on tires even? Do tires need replacing? Are there any splits - including on the sidewalls?
    10. Do a basic roll test. On a flat area, push the trike forward. Does it roll straight?
    11. Steering - are the steering bars bent? Do they turn freely?

    That should get you started.
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  • Thanks for the reply. I did end up getting the cruiser and already got the upgrade bug. It has a few issues, but your advice definitely helped me in negotiating the price. Thanks again.
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    I noticed this note on the Optional 26" Rear Wheel Accesories page.

    "It is important that the new tire you get has the same tire pressure as that
    which is currently on your trike. Please look at the wall of your front
    tires and verify their psi."

    So If I want to add a 26" 100PSI tire on the back, I need to replace my stock tires on the front as well...correct?
  • AS you are buying it the used one.Ask him about the year he used that. Check each and every part and joints of the trike. Because they become weak after few years. After buying that you have to pay some against it's repairs. So check out properly.
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    I changed to a 26" rear wheel I LOVE IT the down side is the pedals are lower to the ground
    I did also changed the chain ring
    I also changed the steering down side real touchy above 20 mph
    Hope I helped
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