Tour II with GIVI top box

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Hello All,

When I put my new GIVI mount on my motorcycle it left me with an extra one and by chance it fits very very well on the Tour II! You can see the bolts are to long right now but this was just to make sure all fit and worked well. I will now make a new bracket on the bottom with captured nuts to discourage those with a wrench and ill will. The box is a GIVI Monokey top box that I use on both of my motorcycles and is completely water proof and locks closed and to the rack.

Givi makes many different size boxes and colors.

Here is the link to some pictures... ... 8c1ab14051



  • Jim,

    That looks like it was made for your trike! If the box sat a little closer to the seat, you could almost mount a headrest to it.
  • Funny you say that my motorcycles are '07 K1200GT, '92 R100R and '66 R50/2 and I use that bag on them.
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